Giulia - Amerikanischer Bulli Welpen kaufen

Giulia - Amerikanischer Bulli Welpen kaufen
$ 3 432 (Welpenpreis)
Lebenslange Gesundheit Garantie
$ 54 FREI
ISO Mikrochip:
$ 32 FREI
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Guilia great with people, great with kids, great with everyone is the friendliest and most eager to please pup of this American Bully litter.

All my gentle giants are well socialized so they are kind, sweet and utterly faithful and friendly American Bully's.

Welcoming an American Bully into your home is like gaining a four-legged bundle of exuberance and affection. These delightful dogs are bursting with charm, blending a gentle disposition with a heart as big as their muscular build.

Living with an American Bully means endless tail wags, a loyal shadow wherever you go, and a constant source of joy. Their friendly nature and love for family make them the perfect, lovable addition to any household. From playful antics to heartfelt snuggles, life with an American Bully is a daily celebration of canine happiness.

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and dewormings to date, microchip and the Euro Puppy Guarantee. She will not come with a pedigree.
Amerikanischer Bulli
black and tan
4 Monate
Jul 19, 2023

Eine Verpflichtung fürs Leben

Alle unsere Welpen haben eine lebenslange Garantie. Auch wenn ihr Hund bedauerlicherweise an einer tödlichen Krankheit oder an einer angeborenen Krankheit, die die Lebensqualität des Hundes verändert, sind Sie versichert. Wir versichern Ihr Hund auch gegen Patellenluxation und gegen ernsthafte Hüft- und Ellbogendysplasie. Und das ist für das ganze Leben Ihres Hundes. Wir hoffen, daß Sie dieser Tragödie nicht begegnen oder daß unsere Garantie in Kraft tritt, so versichern wir Ihnen, daß Sie die besten Welpen bekommen, die aus genetisch gesunden Blutlinien stammen.

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Dear Europuppy, When we first saw your website, we were indeed a bit skeptical. However,upon our first email to Mario at your US office, professionalism, courtesy,and genuine personal concern prevailed. We picked out our puppy and everyquestion that we asked was promptly answered. Prior to shipping, just as wehad been told, all applicable info was made available to us without havingto follow-up. We were concerned about our puppy’s flight but learned fromthe cargo website that the puppy’s safety, feeding, water, […]

Hi Eddie, Very Good News! Today 24.09.08 the Kennel Paper arrived! Thank you again for the perfect supportand the time being there when needed! Attached some more pics of our Wotan and Alice, taken just a week ago. We’ll keep you updated of here developments, she’s doing great! Take care Best regards from Austria Claudia & Werner and all other family members too

hi eddie its saturday morning we have renamed roller vinnie suits his temperment so much better he seems to have settled in realy well eating drinking and playing great we have a vets appointment tomorrow (sunday) so will inform you of the visit once again thank you so much for all your help over the last few weeks and the safe delivery of vinnie to our home regards lorna farmer

Hi Eddie, Mathilda arrived safely she is with me now. She is really so beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing her to me!!! Nisrine

Lori Barlettano

Wellington, United States

Claudia Werner

Schönau im Mühlkreis, Austria

Alan & Lorna Farmer

Manama, Bahrain

Nisrine Karazi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Höhepunkte der Rasse

9-13 Jahre
4 to 8
Hunde: 50-130 Pfunde
Hündin: 45-120 Pfunde
Hunde: 17-20 zoll
Hündin: 16-19 zoll
Companian dog Group