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Anmerkungen des Züchters

Tiny, sweet and so soft, Nugget is a little joy. He is an adorable boy, and I have no doubt her will grow to be a handsome, happy French Bulldog.

I both breed and show the French Bulldog.

All my French Bulldogs are thoroughly socialized through a special 3 part programme, so they are well rounded, and well developed pups, ready to enjoy family life.

This puppy is raised in our „SUPERDOG” project.

But what does that mean exactly?

It means a devoted, enthusiastic puppy being raised, with perfect problem-solving skills, and with that, a little buddy who fits good to nearly any type of family

Dogs who take part in this project are far ahead of their age in mental development, they socialize much easier, are calmer, adapts to „extreme” environmental conditions fast with easy and rapid learning skills. They can be trained earlier than usual and acquire their knowledge faster, than their fellow mates.

I could say, that the result is a great personality.

But how’s that even possible?

The U.S. military has developed a program which was meant for military purposes, so they can widen their dogs performance in many ways. This program starts from the birth. It got proved, that the stimulation of the nervous system in early stages gives a long lasting and positive result.

The project gives the dogs special practice series, which contains elements that are not available in their natural environment, specifically in their actual stage of development.

Researches from the last decades prove, that the personality and performance of the dogs are evolving by 65% of external stimulus, and only 35% is carried over genetically.

The programs results also contain an increased performance of their heart and vascular system, heartbeats get stronger, the adrenal develop into a much stronger condition, their stress tolerance gets wider and the immune system works more perfect against many diseases.

Testing the dogs back in the years raised by this project proved, that they got more active, they have stronger skills for exploration, and by that they are more competitive and in favor against their mates with regular raising.

As a final result of this 3-staged program, we get a dog with a more specific personality known from the beginning, with a wide-scale of skills, who can fit nearly any kind of family and lifts their all-day life for many years.

It’s important to know, that this project contains a limited number of puppies, we only make this available for the very best structured 1-2 pups from every litter, selected precisely. This program takes lots of time and deep care from us, to provide each SUPERDOG family with the best partner they could ever imagine.

In fact Nugget comes from a strong, Champion winning French Bulldog pedigree. Her sire alone is a many times Champion, Grand Champion and a Champion of Champions!

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and dewormings to date, microchip, and the Euro Puppy Guarantee. Nugget has a slight deformity on the toes on one paw, this is only minor, and he is perfectly healthy, but will not be suitable for showing.

Französische Bulldogge
8 months
Aug 12.2020
Gewicht der Mutter
11 kg (24 lbs)
Gewicht der Vaters
13 kg (29 lbs)

A Commitment of a Lifetime

Alle unsere Welpen haben eine lebenslange Garantie. Auch wenn ihr Hund bedauerlicherweise an einer tödlichen Krankheit oder an einer angeborenen Krankheit, die die Lebensqualität des Hundes verändert, sind Sie versichert. Wir versichern Ihr Hund auch gegen Patellenluxation und gegen ernsthafte Hüft- und Ellbogendysplasie. Und das ist für das ganze Leben Ihres Hundes. Wir hoffen, daß Sie dieser Tragödie nicht begegnen oder daß unsere Garantie in Kraft tritt, so versichern wir Ihnen, daß Sie die besten Welpen bekommen, die aus genetisch gesunden Blutlinien stammen.

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10-14 Jahre
2 to 5
England in the 1860s
AKC Non-sporting Dogs
FCI Group IX.: Companion and Toy Dogs
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