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Browse 19 Akita Inu puppies for sale

  • She is reserved for Fengxia. Thank you!
    • Weiblich
    • 1 year
    • Champion Stammbaum
    • Eltern sind Champion

Sorry, currently there are no available Akita Inu puppies for sale.

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Wörter unserer fröhlichen Hundebesitzern überall auf der Welt

Hi Shane, Team, Hope this email finds you well. Many thanks for your message, very thoughtful of you, and thanks for the birthday wishes on behalf of Kyoto. Of course, we do remember the moment we first saw Kyoto! A moment we never forget. She's been very well, although been through a couple of changes in the past couple of...

I am sending few pictures of Loki. He is doing great and everyone loves loves loves him! Linda Gregg

Steve! he is a wonderful boy, 'Im really glad and happy this time :) He seems to be healthy with no problems, he started playing with my other dogs after the first 2 minutes :D Tomorrow ill take him for a vet check up and ill update you. Every body is crazy about him

Hello Eddie, Just wanted to let you know, Hachi arrived this morning and he looks confident and full of spirit. For now he only responds to treats, but I must say he's extremely smart. I will be in contact with you when I visit the vet. Regards, Bader

Bela Majoros

Reading, United Kingdom

Linda Gregg

Cedar Park, United States

Fares Mansour Nasser

Muscat, Oman

Bader Al-sanea

Kuwait, Kuwait

Über Akita Inu Breed

Der Akita ist die größte der japanischen Spitz-Typ Rassen. Es ist eine leistungsfähige, solide, muskulös, gut proportioniert und unverwechselbaren aussehenden Hund mit einem flachen, schweren Kopf und starke, kurze Schnauze.

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