Euro Puppy Is Proud to Have Yet Another Rare Dog Breed!

Blue French Bulldogs from Top European Breeders Are Available

December 11, 2007 - Budapest, Hungary

Euro Puppy, the premier provider of top quality and healthy puppies from champion-lines of Europe has gone and done it again! Striving for the cr?me de la cr?me of all breeds, Euro Puppy has finally found reputable European breeders that specialize in rare Blue French Bulldogs.

With over 100 breeds to boast with, Euro Puppy always strives to find the polished diamonds of all the breeds. Some breeds are harder to find, and some colors are almost impossible. Although every breed has the usual colors that are accepted and common, some breeds may come in unusual shades as well, which are almost impossible to find. This was the case with the French Bulldog. Some call them French Bulldogs. Some call them Bouledogue Français. Whatever name one knows them as, their charm is undeniable. As with all things rare, be that a white elephant or a red diamond, blue Frenchies are also in high demand. Why blue? Well apart from their usual fawn, brindle or pied colors, an exceptional hue can also be found – if somewhat rarely- in Frenchies. These rare-colored French Bulldogs are called “Blue French Bulldogs”. There are 3 types that occur in the blue hue: Blue or Blue Brindle refers to solid blue-grey as a coat color. A Blue Pied French bulldog is a result of the’d’ or dilute gene, causing the black hairs to become blue. Pigment on the nose and the pads of the feet are also a grayish-blue in color. Last but not least, Blue-Fawn is a variation of blue that is seen most clearly in the masking points on the face.

The blue color is nevertheless rare, and very few breeds possess this gene. It can sometimes be seen in other breeds like Great Danes, the Shar-pei, and even Neapolitan Mastiffs. Being the top provider of healthy and rare breeds, Euro Puppy is honored to be able to offer Blue French Bulldogs as well. There is a long waiting list for these rare and rambunctious creatures. “We were honored to have this addition,” explained Sandor Fagyal, President of Euro Puppy. “To make sure that we deliver first-rate puppies to our customers, we go to great lengths to ensure that our exclusive group of breeders is top-notch. With this newest addition, we are very proud, since Blue French Bulldogs are so rare.” If blue is your favorite color, and Frenchies are your passion, you’ve come to the right place. Euro Puppy… where even the rare ones can be found.

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