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Breeder's Note

Bayard is a very striking Bloodhound, with a vert impressive head and face. He is a handsome dog, but most importantly strongly built too. And he has the perfect and healthy black and tan coat.

Both the sire and dam have been chosen with care so we have two big, strong and beautiful Bloodhounds for parents. The dam weighs in at a healthy 65kg and the sire at 70kg. The dam is also a two time national Champion!

Further back in the bloodlines, it is full of show winning and Champion Bloodhounds from across Europe.

We breed only the brilliant Bloodhound, and only have the occasional litter at our home so we can give them the very best care and attention in those first weeks before they find their forever homes.

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and deworming to date, microchip and the Euro Puppy Guarantee.

black and tan
5 years
Date of Birth
Nov 24.2016
Mom's weight
65 kg (143 lbs)
Mom's height
45 cm (18")
Dad's weight
70 kg (154 lbs)

A Commitment of a Lifetime

Since 2001 Euro Puppy has been proud to be the premier choice for dog lovers to find the perfect purebred European puppy. And in those 18 years and more, our mission in life, as dog lovers, has been devotion both to the puppies we deliver and to the dog owners that receive them. Just like you, we understand how a puppy changes your life, and what a big commitment it is. What you really want is a perfect puppy, and that is what you get, but you also get a partner down the road, with the security of our Guarantee.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Munich, Germany

Tarik Zarroug

Doha, Qatar

Eunice C. Ferreira

Geneva, Switzerland

Breed information

Life Expectancy
9-11 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
7 to 8
Dogs: 90-110 pounds
Bitches: 80-100 pounds
Dogs: 25-27 inches
Bitches: 23-25 inches
Country of Origin
Belgium, 8th century
AKC Hound Dogs
FCI Group VI.: Scenthounds and Related Breeds
TKC Hound