Hotaka - Shiba Inu puppy for sale

Champion Bloodline

Breeder's Note

Hotaka is a stunning, impressive, adorable boy. He is also smart, and the most observant pup of this Shiba Inu litter.

All my Shiba Inu are raised as part of my family and are very well socialized in those crucial early weeks.

Having a Shiba Inu is a delightful adventure filled with spirited moments. Their spirited independence is charming; they're like having a clever, furry companion who's both mischievous and affectionate. Their fox-like appearance and expressive eyes make every interaction a joy.

A Shiba Inu thrives in a home that appreciates their unique personality. A space where they can explore with curiosity, and an owner who understands their need for both play and personal space. Their adaptability to various living situations, from apartments to houses with yards, makes them a great fit for many. Embracing a Shiba's spirited nature in a loving environment is the key to a happy, harmonious companionship.

This pup will of course come with all details of vaccinations and deworming to date, microchip and a lifetime guarantee. He will not come with a pedigree.
Shiba Inu
7 weeks
Date of Birth
Jul 30, 2023
Mom's weight
9 kg (20 lbs)
Dad's weight
11 kg (24 lbs)

A Commitment of a Lifetime

Since 2001 Euro Puppy has been proud to be the premier choice for dog lovers to find the perfect purebred European puppy. And in those 18 years and more, our mission in life, as dog lovers, has been devotion both to the puppies we deliver and to the dog owners that receive them. Just like you, we understand how a puppy changes your life, and what a big commitment it is. What you really want is a perfect puppy, and that is what you get, but you also get a partner down the road, with the security of our Guarantee.

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Hi Sandor, Happy Anniversary! My experience with Euro Puppy has been exceptional. I was somewhat nervous doing something as significant as buying a puppy online, but I had absolutely no issues to mention. Shiba (his breed and his name) is beautiful…a head turner and gets attention anywhere we go with hime. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and I would look to post my comments online to your site for everyone to see. You guys should be […]

Hi Lasheika, Thanks for the celebration! Pochi has brought my family so much joy! He bonds with us so well and I never regretted having him in my family.

La Sheika, some pics from my husband. She loves hanging out with her brother.

Sandor: Once again you have provided us with an outstanding puppy. We are very happy with our little ‘Elf’. He has such a nice personality, he wants to tag along with me every where… ‘Elf’ and ‘Tru’ get along so well, wrestling and rolling around with each other; currently both are laying head to head at my feet. It is very obvious the breeder spent much time with ‘Elf’, and had started some of his basic training… Please forward our […]

Roshelle Jones

Steinwenden, Germany

Jeremy Huang

Bellevue , United States

Vanessa Harrison

Niederkail , Germany

Lowell Mawhiney

Lemoncove, United States

Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
13-16 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
2 to 3
Dogs: 20-30 pounds
Bitches: 18-28 pounds
Dogs: 14-16 inches
Bitches: 13-15 inches
Country of Origin
Japan, the 3rd century BC.
AKC Non-sporting Dogs
FCI Group V.: Spitz and Primitive types
TKC Utility
Other Names
Brushwood Dog, Japanese Small-size Dog, Japanese Shiba Inu