Irina - Nuestro Bull Terrier

Helsinki, Finland

Irina - Nuestro Bull Terrier
Helsinki, Finland
Fecha de Nacimiento
Jun 18, 2007
Laura Tuomisto
Helsinki, Finlandia

Reseña del dueño


I got the bullterrier puppy last summer. And would like to create the blog for her. How do I do it?

She’s feeling absolutely great. Very kind and smart girl! Interested of everything that moves and doesn’t move:D Watches tv with me. Likes rabbits, and starts to “cry” when they jump away and don’t play with her. She also likes kids a lot but naturally I wont allow her to go near cause of her muscelar body can be dangerous to little children. Gets along with all the other dogs. Is very friendly to everybody. She has absolutely a great personality! And of course I’m a great mother to her:)

I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. She’s my everything. She have been healthy and playful. Learns quick all the tricks. Demands a lot of my time and attention. We’re a great team!

Well get back to me and I’ll start blogging with Irina.
Here’s couple pictures of her:)

Best regards,

Hi Eddie!

The lovely little lady is snooring on my white leather sofa,
immiraculously she haven’t tried to eat it yet.

She’s stubborn and protecting, want’s all the tention to be her’s.
In the evening she gets cranky like a little child, biting my hands
and being very tired, and nothing’s fine by her at that moment.
Annoying but lovable:)

She haven’t heard music ever, I think, and no cars, gets scared
everytime. And her favourite thing is sit on the sidewalk, like her
butt were glued to the ground. She also watches tv with me, and if
I see some CSI, she gets scared and comes beside me and lays her
head in my armpit:D

Very intelligent and smart, for so young as she is. My heart melted
even worse I could expected!
A few pics of Irina included:)


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Expectativa de Vida
10-12 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
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4 to 8
Perros: 55-80 libras
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Hembras: 20-24 pulgadas
País de Origen
Great Britain
AKC Terriers
FCI Group III.: Terriers
TKC Terrier
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English Bull Terrier, Standard Bull,

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