Kahlua - Nuestro Bulldog Francés

Bar Nunn, United States

Kahlua - Nuestro Bulldog Francés
Bar Nunn, United States
Fecha de Nacimiento
Apr 10, 2008
Sebastian & Jessica Henao
Bar Nunn, Estados Unidos

Reseña del dueño

Hi, Eddie!
We picked up Betty yesterday and have renamed her Kahlua. Our vet was able to squeeze her in today and other than some dry skin and a little puppy acne in her left ear, she’s 100% healthy. :D Everyone at the vet office was very impressed with her appearance. They called her cute and gorgeous. We were even asked for our phone number by a couple who had brought their dog to the vet because they want to stay in contact with us and possibly purchase one of Kahlua’s puppies when she has her first litter. To say the least, we are VERY happy with her and she’s a social little explorer. :)

I was wondering if you could ask her breeders what they were doing for her house breaking? Is she use to going outside or going on newspapers indoors?

I’ve attached pictures for you. :)

Thank you so much!

Hi, Eddie!

We took some family photos with Kahlua (aka. Betty)
and we thought we’d share them with you! Also, we put in a doggie door
and Kahlua’s been letting herself out to go to the bathroom! She still
has accidents in doors, but nowhere near as much now. :) Also, she loves Bailey, her older brother, and the neighborhood kids. She’s adjusted quite well, I think!

Thank you,


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2 to 5
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England in the 1860s
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Bouledogue Francais

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