Milo - Nuestro Jack Russell Terrier

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Milo - Nuestro Jack Russell Terrier
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Fecha de Nacimiento
May 04, 2011
Karen Barkas & John Ord
Abu Dhabi, EAU

Reseña del dueño

Hi Eddie,

We first contacted Europuppy three years ago. Since then Euro Puppy (mainly Sandor and yourself) have seen us through a lot of the highs and lows of dog ownership, for which we are greatful. This is why we came back for our new puppy.

We collected ‘Milo’ last night, even the vet was watching for John’s reaction, he was like a child waiting for Christmas. John wanted to have the pup ride home with him in the car. There was no problems with him travelling, he’s been eating well and as John said he’s Absolutely Perfect. He’s getting on well with our rescue dog and is surprisingly quickly getting his confidence in a new place.

When things go well, it is easy not to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes in Europuppy. This time unfortunately through no fault of Europuppy, things did not go right. This time we found out first hand how Europuppy take the dogs to numerous vets and when necessary have extensive tests are carried out, at no cost to us.

We can categorically say that Europuppy go over and above when ensuring that only healthy well bred puppies ever leave them.

We really appreciate this fact. Had we gone to a breeder directly we would most likely have a puppy with health problems. We could not think of a better company to have helped us find this marvellous little dog.

Eddie, you’re a star, thank you.

Karen and John.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Expectativa de Vida
13-15 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
4 to 8
Perros: 13-18 libras
Hembras: 11-15 libras
Perros: 10-14 pulgadas
Hembras: 8-12 pulgadas
País de Origen
Great Britain
FCI Group III.: Terriers
Otros Nombres
Parson Jack Russell Terrier, Puddin Dog, Shortie

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