Lil’ Kim - Our Mastín Inglés

Kuwait, Kuwait

Name Lil’ Kim
Gender female
Date of Birth: Aug 21, 2012

Owner: Mohammed A. M. Al Sabah
Location: Kuwait, Kuwait

Hi Eddie,

Just wanted to thank you for your more than professional service. Lil’Kim
arrived late last night and is still a bit unsure what happened to her. But
she will certainly settle in to be an important part of the family.

Thanks a lot.


Kuwait City, Kuwait


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Información de la raza

Expectativa de Vida
10-12 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
2 to 5
Perros: 150-250 libras
Hembras: 120-200 libras
Perros: 30-34 pulgadas
Hembras: 27-32 pulgadas
Otros Nombres
País de Origen
United Kingdom, 6th century BC.
AKC Working Dogs, FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs, TKC Working

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