Magnum - Our Mastín Napolitano

Muggensturm, Germany

Name Magnum
Gender male
Date of Birth: Apr 14, 2011

Owner: Patricia Ann Williams
Location: Muggensturm, Germany

Hi Eddie,

we just wanted to tell you how happy we are to have Magnum and Kisha (Bigi)
in our family. Even though they do drive us crazy some times.

Like if Kisha tears up the blanket for her bed or bits in the instrument
from our car, because she had to wait on us for two minutes. *smile*
Or Magnum always steal the grapes out of the garden…

Still they are two lovely pups and we can’t be mad at them.

We attached a few pictures of them both.

P.S. Eddie, we thank you, Paul and your entire euro puppy team for making it
possible. I was a little conserned about buying a puppy online. I didn’t
know if euro puppy was reliable or not. Because you hear a lot of bad
things about internet puppies sale.
But if we had a question or just needed an advice we could always call or
send an email and we never had the feeling to be alone with our problems,
questions and decisions.
So we decided to buy two puppies. And we don’t regret a thing!

Thank you again.


Muggensturm, Germany


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