Black Tulip - Nuestro Wolfhound Irlandés

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Black Tulip - Nuestro Wolfhound Irlandés
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Fecha de Nacimiento
Sep 10, 2008
Karen Barkas
Abu Dhabi, EAU

Reseña del dueño


It’s been difficult to get decent pictures of him as he never stays still or if he does, he’s trying to get cuddles on your knee.

His character was the most important pointmost health issues can be worked around and ultimately underweight is better then over weight at this time in his life. I have to say his character(which as you know is a real priority for my family, we have a young child) is prefect, he’s learnt to walk around Konnor not through him (although his tail is enough to unbalance the toddler and that’s got it’s own mind I am sure ;) ) Black Tulip has already worked out that if he stands below the Konnor’s chair food is thrown his way and Konnor has been very interested, the first day I think he was quite taken back by the whole shift in his life but since then he’s got used to the big walking beast in the house and he likes it when he can sit on the floor with the dog and stroke him.

It fell upon me to take Black Tulip from the crate at the airport and I must admit to suddenly thinking “oh lord it’s a big dog I hope he’s friendly as I am about to try and put a harness on him”, I had to nudge him to make him turn around and then all he wanted was cuddles and attention so he was no trouble. He was also good for his drive home from the airport. No mess in the car, no sickness, no crying, no nerves, he just lay down and got on with it.

Anyway pictures for now I have him with our Driver Ahmed (who lost his GSD about 6 months ago and has too much time for Black Tulip now) and a picture which to date is my favorite… it sums up his character, I will send more to both you and the breeder as I get them, I have a few on my phone which I hope to download today.

He’s doing well with basic training in English, sit, down, stay (is getting there), leave, swap, he’s done five minutes lead training a day too and is of no problem on the lead. We’ve washed him with puppy products (as he wasn’t the sweetest smelling thing after his journey, so 2 days after his arrival he got a bath, he didn’t really appreciate it but at the same time made only a limited attempt to avoid things and suffered his wash quite well, compared to John’s Jack Russell, who would attack because he hated baths, Black Tulip was very well behaved and tolerant.

His diet is pretty much as the breeder suggested but we are slowly adding some meat into one of his meals a day and aiming to get him onto a natural diet rather then a more cereal based dog food which he has been on. His manners around food are not an issue either, he’s very polite in this respect.

Kind Regards


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