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Buscar 3 Lagotto Romagnolo cachorros a la venta

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Maddie is a beautiful and truly loved little diva. She weighs 5 pounds and does several tricks if we keep the treats nearby. We moved from Saudi Arabia back to the states this year so she now lives in north Salem, Indiana. We are so thankful everyday for our little girl ️️

Hello!I got the bullterrier puppy last summer. And would like to create the blog for her. How do I do it?She's feeling absolutely great. Very kind and smart girl! Interested of everything that moves and doesn't move:D Watches tv with me. Likes rabbits, and starts to "cry" when they jump away and don't play with her. She also likes kids...

Hi Eddie, Hope all is great. Just wanted to update you on Bella. What a dog?! She's now almost eight months old and looks stunning. She has a unique character and has added a lot to our family. Thank you for everything. Attaching some photos and a video clip. By the way, many people are asking me where I got...

Steve, Great work and thanks for everything, we love our new girl. Roma Trava

Beth White

Salem, United States

Laura Tuomisto

Helsinki, Finland

Tarik Zarroug

Doha, Qatar

Dean Trava

Ridgewood, United States

Acerca de Lagotto Romagnolo Raza

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian dog, originating from a marshland area, and is the ultimate water dog. Traditionally a gun dog and water retriever, this breed is now regularly used to hunt for truffles. Not a common breed, it is proving popular as a loyal family guardian.

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