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Euro Puppy makes its expertise available to the general public

October 6, 2010 - Budapest, Hungary

Finding the finest puppies in the world is a lot of hard work and requires a team of dedicated people. Euro Puppy’s team seems to fit that description as they have been providing excellence to please dog lovers all over the world for almost a decade now. Over the years, having found the perfect puppy for thousands of families, the team have acquired a special expertise about puppies and dogs. Euro Puppy advises their customers on an individual basis, but they thought that the special knowledge they have accumulated should also be available to the general public so the company have released three ebooks.

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy, a free ebook containing essential information and advice for anyone considering buying a puppy. Many of us tend to think that buying a puppy is as simple as buying groceries, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are about to buy a puppy you need to ask yourself a series of questions and answer them honestly. This free ebook points out just what these essential questions are. Download it free.

My First Best Friend is an ebook for families considering buying a dog. Children are very impulsive and puppies very often become the subject of their sudden desires. If you have children, you know exactly how difficult it is to say no to them. But the real question is, do you have to say no? My First Best Friend gives you all the information to make the right decision. If you are confident about getting a dog, then My First best Friend will guide you all along the way.

How To Give Your Dog a Checkup is full of detailed explanations, professional photos and illustrations – a great tool for any dog owner. Many times we are not certain whether our best friend is unwell or just lazy. Written by Dr. Rosie Brown, Veterinary Surgeon, How To Give Your Dog A Checkup will help you identify the symptoms of the most common diseases and you will know when to take your pet to the vet.

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely recognized as the most reputable source of pure-bred puppies and dogs from the champion-lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog-lovers, Euro Puppy is committed to bringing only high quality, healthy and well-bred puppies to its customers around the globe; including the Middle East. With customers on five continents, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines to earn them the reputation as a premier provider of top breeds. To learn more about Euro Puppy and the programs it offers, to ensure customer satisfaction, including a Lifetime Guarantee and on-line protection against fraud, visit