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Euro Puppy celebrates its 10th Birthday!

Euro Puppy has been serving dog lovers all around the world for 10 years.

February 9, 2011 - Budapest, Hungary

Euro Puppy was launched as a small startup company in 2001 with no ambitions to become the premier puppy finder in the world. Yet, that’s just what happened.

The team started out ten years ago serving US customers only. Over the years, they received more and more requests from many other countries. Today, they have placed puppies in 88 different countries on all five continents and have made more than 2000 families happy with a furry companion.

When asked about the secret of Euro Puppy’s success, CEO, Mr. Sándor Fagyal says: “We have come a long way and learnt a lot over the years. The success Euro Puppy has achieved, would not have been possible without investing a lot of time and energy in building good relationships with the top breeders of Europe. Training our team on a regular basis – so that they can identify the desired characteristics of each breed and spot almost any health issue by giving the puppy a quick checkup – has been another key part of our success. As a result of our ongoing health and quality assurance efforts we have been able to only sell top quality, healthy puppies. The investment has been returned by satisfied customers coming back for their second or third puppies and referring us to their friends.”

He continues with the company’s future goals: “In the future, we will do our very best to keep our high standards up and to exceed our customers expectations. We dedicate 2011 to further improving customer service. We want each and every customer to feel at ease and we will be there to provide support at every stage of the process and even after that. We will provide guarantees that no other company dares to. Our one-liner for the year is: if you are satisfied, tell everyone, if you are not, tell us why.”

If you were planning to get a puppy this year, you are in for a treat. Euro Puppy celebrate their 10th birthday with promotions and special offers throughout 2011. They start the series of surprises with a 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee that is included in the price of every puppy in February.

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely recognized as the most reputable source of purebred puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog lovers, Euro Puppy is committed to bringing only high quality, healthy and well-bred puppies to its customers around the globe; including the Middle East and now Egypt. Over the 10 years of its existence, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines and with happy customers on all five continents, it has become the premier provider of quality puppies around the globe. Euro Puppy celebrates its 10th birthday with special offers throughout 2011. Visit and join the celebration!