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Euro Puppy Extends Its Sales Team with Another Dog Lover

Euro Puppy Welcomes Its Newest Team Member

October 1, 2005 - Budapest, Hungary

Euro Puppy, the premier resource for purebred puppies and dogs from reputable breeders of champion lines, introduced a new member of its dedicated team. Edwin Allnutt joined the sales team to meet the increasing customer demand for quality European bred puppies and dogs. Sandor Fagyal conducted a three phases interview and selected Eddie out of twelve applicants, being three in the final phase.

Eddie was born and raised in rural New Zealand on a farm where dogs were of up-most importance for working/hunting and companionship. He has first hand practical experience in training, health issues and behavior. This is thanks to his family’s need & love of dogs. Everything from toy dogs running around in the house such as a Miniature German Pinscher to Pointers/Spaniels/Terriers out in the fields fetching the game and also not forgetting the important sheep herding breeds either. Because of his Hungarian ancestry on his mother’s side he moved to Hungary in 2002 and started teaching English at a High School and a Private Language School.

In the summer of 2005 he joined the dedicated team at Euro Puppy to work with something he really enjoys and is knowledgeable about, dogs. Currently he has a Wiemaraner by the name of Molly and was a past active member of the Association in New Zealand.

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