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Euro Puppy closes best year since 2001 foundation

The company manages to grow in 2011, despite the continuing global economic turmoil

April 11, 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

2011 will not be remembered by most companies as a year of record sales as economic hardships drag on around the world. Yet Euro Puppy is one of the fortunate few, who found the secret of growing its business in a less than favourable economic environment. Mr. Sándor Fagyal, CEO of Euro Puppy, says “We’ve worked very hard and made an effort to nurture our relationship with customers, but I believe our success still comes down to our dedication to health, quality and service. We have imporoved a lot of things about how we operate over the past 10 years, but we have always adhered to our core values and our customers appreciate this sort of consistency.”

Euro Puppy dedicated 2011 to customer service and satisfaction. The first and one of the most important steps they took was the launch of their 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, an assurance previously unheard of. “It started off as a monthly special, but after seeing the raving response we had, we decided to make it part of our standard offering.” – Says Mr Fagyal.

Euro Puppy has been celebrating its 10th anniversary throughout 2011 with special offers and gifts to its customers. Behind the scenes, a new ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) system is being developed that enables members of the team to keep track of breeders in an even more efficient way so that they can showcase only the best quality and healthiest puppies on “We had a similar system in the past, but it became outdated. The new one, on the contrary, is state of the art and may very well be the best of its kind in the world. While at the moment only our team benefits from it hugely, I can see how it could serve other organizations as well in the not too distant future.” – explains Mr. Fagyal.

The launch of Euro Puppy’s iPhone app in June was another important event of the year, because it made finding the perfect puppy much easier. The app has been downloaded thousands of times since June and has simplified the lives of many people. Rumor has it that further innovative smartphone applications should be expected from Euro Puppy in 2012.

Although Euro Puppy went social in 2010, its Facebook page started a life of its own in 2011, with the number of likes now over 5000. Customers have been posting photos of their puppies, providing a very easy and transparent way for new customer to see what they might expect from Euro Puppy.

Egypt became an important market for Euro Puppy in 2010. This year, a partnership was formed with Egy Puppy, providing a localized service to this growing market.

Euro Puppy has continued its exploration of new countries with the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Cayman Islands and Zambia. Having shipped to 90 different countries all around the world now, the team is looking forward to further expanding its reach in 2012.

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely recognized as the most reputable source of purebred puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog lovers, Euro Puppy is committed to bringing only high quality, healthy and well-bred puppies to its customers around the globe; including the Middle East and now Egypt. Over the 10 years of its existence, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines and with happy customers on all five continents, it has become the premier provider of quality puppies around the globe. For more information visit