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Yet another innovative mobile app from Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy launches its second iPhone app giving its users a nice & easy way of breaking the good news

April 11, 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

Euro Puppy, the puppy finder company offering top quality, healthy puppies since 2001, has surprised its followers and customers once again with a new iPhone application. The new app, called Puppy Cards, is the second mobile innovation from Euro Puppy within a period of 9 months, which may seem unusual for a company whose life revolves around puppies and dogs.

Mr. Sandor Fagyal, CEO of Euro Puppy explains: “People know our passion has been and will always be with dogs. At the same time, we like to embrace technologies that make our service better and the process of buying a puppy easier and more fun to our customers.”

What the Puppy Cards application does is very simple. It provides people, who just bought their puppy, an easy way to tell the good news to their friends by sending a beautiful, electronic post card. At the same time, it pins the postcard on a map for everyone to see that there is a dog and a happy owner in a given place.

Mr. Fagyal comments: “The arrival of a new puppy is a big event in the life of every family and people want to share this happy moment with their friends and loved ones. We’ve created a very simple and easy way to do this. By placing the cards on the map, we also help future owners to see if there are any dogs in their area.”

Puppy Cards is free to download and use by anyone, even if the puppy someone bought is not from Euro Puppy. The user may choose to let the app use the current location automatically, but there is also an option to enter a city of one’s choice. At the moment, the app does not allow communication between its users, but that might just be a question of time according to its creators.

Euro Puppy launched its first iPhone app in 2011, as part of the celebration of its 10th anniversary. The Euro Puppy app, alerting users of new puppies, has quickly become an essential tool for people looking for a puppy.

When asked about the future, Mr. Fagyal says: “For the next few months ahead, we’ll be focusing on improving our existing apps, but we never stop thinking about new ways of making the process of buying a puppy safer, easier and more fun…”

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely recognized as the most reputable source of purebred puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog lovers, Euro Puppy is committed to bringing only high quality, healthy and well-bred puppies to its customers around the globe; including the Middle East. Since its 2001 inception, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines and worked hard to become the safest and easiest way to find and buy top quality, healthy puppies online.