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Buscar 2 Pastor de Shetland cachorros a la venta

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I am sending few pictures of Loki. He is doing great and everyone loves loves loves him! Linda Gregg

MarioHere are some pics of 'Pixie' and Bear hope you can send them to the breeder and let them know she is doing fine and happy in her new home. My Niece Emily was with us this weekend, she is training for the junior Olympics for horse riding. So Pixie got a chance to run around the stables, she seemed...

Hi Steve, Thanks for all you help. Chief and Lilly! BFFs! Pemi

Hi Oswald is so sweet. Included are a few pics

Linda Gregg

Cedar Park, United States

Paul & Adelle Murrer

Pacific Grove, United States

Pemra & Ali Fassa

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Erika Clements

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Acerca de Pastor de Shetland Raza

The Shetland Sheepdog resembles to the Rough Collie. It is strong, nimble and lightly built. It is a beautiful dog, with a long, wedge-shaped head. It is a fast runner and good jumper, agile and swift. Puppies are beguiling and exhibit a desire to please from a very young age. It is an outstanding companion dog with a delightful temperament.

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