Euro Puppy’s Residential Dog Training

Euro Puppy’s Residential Dog Training in action…

The first weeks and months of a puppy’s life are so important!

That is why all of our breeders provide love and care to their puppies. They also give at least some socialization before a puppy goes to their new home. 

But what you really want when your puppy arrives is to have a dog that has undertaken lots of learning, and is confident, clever and curious.

Euro Puppy is proud to provide the best puppies, and the most exclusive service. These high standards extend to our Residential Dog Training too!

With Euro Puppy you can go the extra mile and have a puppy that has been expertly trained and thoroughly socialized…

The Importance of Dog Training

dog obedience training

A Cavapoo enjoying the positive training techniques used in the Euro Puppy Residential Training

Imagine having a child that doesn’t go to school, or study anything! That is a dog without any training!

It’s true that an untrained dog still has a chance at turning out alright. But without training they are far more likely to be timid or aggressive, disobedient or disruptive, and simply lead a less happy life.

A puppy trained at a young age will develop into a calmer, more well-mannered companion, displaying an eagerness to listen, learn, and adapt to new situations alongside you. This creates a strong bond and a harmonious living environment. Simply put a properly trained dog is far more likely to have a happy life.

Any dog owner can give a puppy training, at an amateur level. But a professionally trained puppy, just like a teacher with a student, can be top of the class!

Dog training, as early as possible, literally is a life changer for a puppy, and for their owner.

What Can our Training help you with?

Dog Training

Each puppy receives one on one training sessions from our expert trainer

  • General obedience
  • Following commands
  • Socialization with people, dogs and different places
  • Increased puppy confidence 
  • Puppy manners
  • Walking on the leash

While those first weeks with a new puppy are often the happiest, they can also be the hardest of all. 

There is nothing sadder than a new puppy owner, wanting to enjoy life with their dog. But you see them stressed and overwhelmed. You don’t want to get pulled down the street by your dog, or have to throw away torn up slippers, or listen to non stop barking.

What you need, from day 1, is a way to maximize the happiness with your puppy, by minimizing the hardship! Luckily you have found the place that can take a lot of the stress off your shoulders

Our training course can ensure you have the best possible start with your puppy!

It’s true that you don’t need to be an expert to train your puppy reasonably well. But you do need a lot of time, effort and energy. It sure makes it a hell of a lot easier if an specialist has begun the work with your puppy, giving you a huge head start.

So why not Fast Forward the progress and smooth the surface over for your puppy’s arrival to you.

What is Residential Training?

In a nutshell it is an intensive training programme. We provide a completely bespoke training program for your dog, transforming their behavior through 3-4 weeks of personal, residential training. 

We don’t just have a trainer visit your dog occasionally to teach them a few lessons…

Residential Training = living with the trainer, in a family environment. No kennels here! 

As well as daily training, they get around the clock care to nurture their growth and development.

Once your dog arrives at their trainer they will spend some time settling into their new environment. Training is then done outdoors and begins with minimal distractions. This progresses to more advanced sessions with various natural distractions. These include training while around other dogs, people, noise and activities. Even sometimes with cats nearby!

Other safe training locations include in the woods, near shops, in town, in a home environment, and with dog groups. All this gives your puppy the opportunity to adapt to the differing environments of the human world and you can enjoy taking your dog out with confidence.

Booking this exclusive programme really is the best thing you can do for your puppy, for you, and your loved ones. 

Whatever the breed you choose, or the age of the puppy, your dog is welcome to join this course. 

What is included in the training?

Dog socialization

Dogs of different breeds and sizes socialize and play together

Your dog will be trained 2 or 3 times a day for around two hours per day.  

Our skilled trainers offer a caring, secure, positive, and safe environment for your family dog, and only uses positive training methods. During the entirety of the course they will not just be treated as part of a family, but actually be part of a family!


Socialization is vital to a puppy’s development, and to gaining confidence and calmness in different situations. 

While we can train puppies and dogs of all ages from 12 weeks onwards, most on the training course will be 3-4 months of age, and this is the crucial phase for socialization. 

Over the training period they will meet humans and dogs of different sizes and ages in a controlled environment. They will also learn to walk on the leash in urban environments with high traffic, and off the leash in safe environments such as forests and secure parks. 

The trainer will also help them get used to car rides, and different work environments. Plus other typical life situations that a puppy gets into just by following our trainer in her everyday life.

Not to brag but this is far more than the average dog training programme includes! It really is hard to beat!

Obedience, commands:

All the basics to ensure your puppy understands how to listen, learn and obey…

  • Commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, No and Down
  • Learning recall with your chosen dog name
  • Greeting people and dogs in a more controlled and calm manner

Potty training:

The trainer will begin to train your puppy with the toilet and create a routine. However success at this can be varied and limited due to the unavoidable changing of their environment after arriving at your home. 

Every effort will be made to get your puppy house-trained, but this is not an official part of the training package. 

However, whatever results the trainer achieves with your puppy can be seen as an added bonus. This will be a good starting base for the potty training that you can continue.

Regular Updates

Also included in the package are regular pupdates!

You will be provided with news and reports, including videos every 7-10 days.

All Inclusive Care

All the food, comforts, care and health checks required for your puppy over the course of the training is included too!

The price for this 3-4 week training programme, including the ‘all inclusive’ boarding, is 750 Euros.

It is important to note that the training we put in place is, while crucial, the foundation only. You will need to commit to continuing your dog’s training for life, especially in the weeks after the arrival. Only this will ensure the training becomes more reliable and understood in multiple environments.

No two dogs are the same and it can take up to 3 weeks for any puppy to get used to their new home, and to listen to you the same way they listened to the trainer they were living with for 3-4 weeks.


“My dog learned the basic commands; come, no, sit, and down through the Euro Puppy class (3-week class) at 13 weeks old. He also learned how to play with other dogs, people, how to control himself, and listen to my commands. His training gave us the foundation from which to build on and it’s well worth the cost.”

Our training is very popular and we have a limited number of spaces available, so we recommend booking early!

Curious About Our Dog Training Service?

If you are interested in getting our exclusive and professional training service, then please fill in the form below with any questions or comments you have. We will then email you a summary of your request and shortly you will hear from one of our breed experts.