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"we put the life and health of our puppies above all else"

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It is now more than 2 decades since we brought together that very first puppy, an English Bulldog, with its family in the U.S! Having grown and expanded in many ways since then, we continue to strive to always be the very best place online for people to find their perfect purebred puppy. Here is our story of those first 20 years....

Euro Puppy was founded in 2001 as a two man operation of Sandor Fagyal and Tibor Berzeti, with the aim of providing a safe and easy way to choose and receive a healthy, champion bloodline puppy online. We were determined to take all the risk and difficulty away, and offer people a quality and professional service.

We would do everything for those dog lovers. We would inspect the puppies, do the health checks, organize all the paperwork, and ensure the puppies safe delivery. Convenience was our aim!

In those early days we served U.S dog lovers with the very best European Breeds and bloodlines, that we could visit in person. But suddenly demand went global and requests came from all over the world. Euro Puppy was privileged to swiftly gain a worldwide reputation for quality, safety and convenience, and we were being referred to as the 'top dog' of this arena!

Soon two people just wasn’t enough, so that is how our Breeder Relations team was created, and grew to 5 members. Soon other departments appeared, all with the aim of maximizing the quality of both the puppies that were chosen and the experience of our customers.

From 2001 to this very day we continue to strive to grow, adapt and introduce new ideas. For our customers’ benefit we don’t want to sit still but keep on moving forward!

  • Gábor Varga

    Puppy Concierge

    Favourite Breed - English Bulldog

    Because he loves their silly sounds and crazy, funny personality.

    Gábor Varga - Euro Puppy
  • György Horthy

    Breeder Relations Coordinator

    Favourite Breed - Havanese

    Simply because they are sweet and lovely.

    György Horthy - Euro Puppy
  • Orsolya Szabo

    Financial Assistant

    Favourite Breed - Labrador Retriever

    Because they are kind and intelligent dogs that love children.

    Orsolya Szabó - Euro Puppy
  • Pal Nyiran

    Breeder Relations Team Member

    Favourite breed - Mudi

    Because they are beautiful and clever dogs.

    Pál Nyirán - Euro Puppy
  • Róbert Gellén

    Breeder Relations Team Member

    Favourite Breed - Dutch Shepherd

    Very smart breed! Training them is a learning experience for me as well.

    Róbert Gellen - Euro Puppy
  • Sandor Fagyal

    CEO of Euro Puppy

    Favourite Breed - Kerry Blue Terrier

    Because they are intelligent and understanding of human emotions!

    Sándor Fagyal - Euro Puppy
  • Shane Sykes

    Canine Knowledge Editor

    Favourite Breed - French Bulldog

    Because they are cute, funny and silly.

  • Tamas Pribranszki

    Breeder Relations Team Member

    Favourite Breed - Boston Terrier

    Because it is active and gentle and looks like a man in a suit!

  • Tibor Berzeti

    Chief Operations Officer

    Favourite Breed - German Shepherd

    Owned German Shepherds all of his life.

The team

Breeder Relations Team

György Horthy – Breeder Relations Coordinator since 2004

Gyuri is in charge of the smooth running of our Breeder Relations Team, and is the point person for all breeder communication. He is also one of our superb photographers, producing those beautiful photos of our special puppies.


Breeder Relations Team

Pál Nyirán – Breeder Relations Team Member since August 2004

For over a decade now Pali has been out on the road, visiting breeders, checking out the best of their puppies and delivering them to our new dog owners.


Breeder Relations Team

Tamás Pribránszki – Breeder Relations Team Member since April 2013

The newest member of our dedicated ‘on the road’ team, Tamas has the lucky role of getting to visit Europe’s best and most beautiful puppies every day.