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Browse 15 English Bulldog puppies for sale

Check out our fantastic English Bulldog puppies for sale, from the finest breeders, and you can’t help but fall in love with these beautiful bundles.

The unique look of the breed, from that strong, serious, yet funny face, to the solid body, to those cute wrinkles, make the English Bulldog particularly popular. But it is also the simply amazing nature of the English Bulldog too. Gentle, warm and relaxed, one thing that is sure with every English Bulldog puppy you see on Euro Puppy; they will be seriously super snuggle buddies.

These are the kinds of pups who simply can’t spend enough time snuggled-up on pillows, cuddling their owners’ laps and generally relaxing in blissful comfort. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that they can be a lazy breed, preferring to chill out, than to race about. So for an older person, or someone without a lot of time to do long walks, then an English Bulldog puppy is a perfect choice.

A home with lots of people, and where the English Bulldog won’t be left alone too much is ideal. This is very much a people loving breed, that are happiest when with you, and want to be snuggled up right by your side. Expect that fantastic face of theirs to put on the saddest look possible when you get ready to go out without them!

The English Bulldog is in fact famous for loving everybody! They want to say hello to everyone they meet, love to kiss, and are generally playful with other dogs too.

Find your perfect English Bulldog puppy for sale and you’ll be welcoming an incredible character into your home. These are the kinds of dogs who are devoted to their family, so never ever expect to be alone again when you have an English Bulldog.

As always, it’s important to only consider English Bulldog puppies for sale from experienced and professional breeders, that you can trust have raised them well. This is a breed that needs to be carefully bred, and cared for, to ensure they are healthy and get the best start. Please don’t take chances on a random breeder with a decision so important. Find your ideal English Bulldog from Euro Puppy, we have been working with the best English Bulldog breeders for many years so you can enjoy total peace of mind that you will get the perfect puppy.

If you want a dog that’s big and solidly built, but so chilled out and loving then look no further. And if you simply can’t get enough of that big, grumpy face, and those wonderful wrinkles, then the English Bulldog is the breed for you.

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Hey Eddie, The drive was pretty long, but a nice trip, it was well worth it. It took a bit just to meet up with Paul we were all over the place, lol. Bumper is an awesome pup he just follows me all over the place. Haha, yeah I think I am pretty lightweight lol. Again thanks for an awesome...

Hi Eddie, Our little princess has arrived and she is beautiful! She's in good shape and we just gave her a bath now, as she was a bit smelly;-) Thank you so much for all you help! Tomorrow we'll go to see the vet, but she looks in great shape. Best wishes, Mari, Dubai, UAE

Hi there, Thank you so much for sending him. Here he is with all his brothers and sisters. He is a mummy's boy and only walks with me, I love him and he is very special boy. Called Bodhi now as my baby Buddha. Wonderful boy. Nicola

Bentley enjoying life in Dubai!

Jeffrey Almosara

Sarone, Italy

Mari Olsen Farah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nicola Moore

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Paul Grundy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About English Bulldog Breed

The Bulldog is the national symbol of Britain. This dog breed has a medium size, dense and powerful, low-slung body with wide shoulders and a massive short-faced head, smooth coat.

Despite its early breeding to bait bulls, the English Bulldog is gentle and good-natured and makes an excellent companion for the whole family. An ideal pet, as he loves to be in the company of his family. He adores children and makes an excellent companion to them because of his gentle, sometimes stubborn nature.

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