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Hi Eddie!!! I am so thankful for Euro Puppy. We renamed Diesel and his name is now Bison. He is an amazing young dog and really gets along well with others. This is Bison and his friend Rocco an Alaskan Husky. They are great friends Bison is really happy!!! I really hope to get Bison a friend when Euro Puppy...

Hi Eddie:I hope everything is Ok with you.Farao is doing good. I am trying to house break him. He already learned to potty on top of newspapers. But I want to teach him to potty outside now that the weather is good. I attached two pictures of him.Best regards,Alberto

Since her arrival sweet Maggie is happy and healthy with her big brother Albert (also adopted from Euro Puppy)

She’s doing really well and grown up to be perfect . Thank you 

Brittany Williams

Porcia, Italy

Angel Alberto Miliani

Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia

Richard Sofge

Kuwait, Kuwait

Daniel Frame

Swindon, United Kingdom