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Euro Puppy Conducts Rigorous Assessments of Breeders to Ensure Exceptional Quality of Puppies Delivered to Customers

Euro Puppy Serves as Customers' Agent in Locating Desired Puppies

June 29, 2005 - Budapest, Hungary

Euro Puppy, the premier resource for purebred puppies and dogs from reputable breeders of champion lines, has established a comprehensive appraisal strategy for identifying breeders who meet the company’s standards of excellence. The Euro Puppy team of experts conducts thorough in-person inspections of 4-5 breeders a day to ensure the highest caliber of puppies are being sold to customers.

“Our team logs about 400 miles each day visiting breeders to make sure that they are meeting our exacting requirements for healthy, happy puppies,” said Sandor Fagyal, president of Euro Puppy. “We have built a reputation for providing superior puppies and we go to great lengths to maintain that stature. Our first and only commitment is to exceed our customers’ expectations so we created this in-depth classification process to validate the quality of the breeders with which we do business.”

Euro Puppy maintains a database of more than 2000 breeders that is regularly updated with information on current and existing litters. The company’s breeder inspectors visit the kennels to collect information on the litters’ parents including show results, health tests and height and weight. Breeders are interviewed on their breeding style, the environment they provide, the brand of food they feed their animals and the health practices they follow. Euro Puppy’s experts are trained by the company’s veterinarian to examine puppies for major health concerns, study the puppies’ environment and assess the animals’ personality traits. Semi-professional photographers, the Euro Puppy team photographs the litter and the parents.

Prior to a purchasing agreement being made with a breeder on behalf of a customer, Euro Puppy also requires proof of two shots, a micro chip, certificate of pedigree, a shot booklet and a clean bill of health. “We represent our customers’ interests and would not purchase a puppy for them that we would not be happy to own ourselves. That’s why we’ve established this vigorous and sweeping program performed by specially trained professionals. We are dedicated to earning our customers’ business so it is critical that we only deliver the highest quality of puppies,” explained Mr. Fagyal.

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely regarded as the most reputable source of purebred puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog lovers, Euro Puppy is devoted to bringing only high quality, healthy and well bred puppies to its customers around the globe. With customers on five continents, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines to earn them the reputation as a premier provider of top breeds. To learn more about Euro Puppy and the programs it offers to ensure customer satisfaction including a one-year health guarantee, all-inclusive price and on-line protections against fraud, visit