Bullmastín Raza

The strong, powerful, English 'Gamekeeper's Night dog'

Perros Bullmastín en Venta

Bullmastín Descripción de la Raza

Expectativa de Vida
8-10 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
8 to 10
Perros: 110-133 libras
Hembras: 100-120 libras
Perros: 25-27 pulgadas
Hembras: 24-26 pulgadas
País de Origen
Great Britain
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
TKC Working
Otros Nombres

The Bullmastiff is a powerful dog breed with a broad wrinkled head and a tapering tail. Alert, strong and protective and with endurance and stamina, the Bullmastiff is a natural guardian of the home and family and will not back down from a fight.

Bullmastín perro

It is loving toward its family and normally very gentle, cheerful and calm.


Bullmastín perro

A protective and alert dog breed who makes a good watch and guard-dog. Bullmastiffs are devoted and loyal and love human attention.

Bullmastín perro

He is tolerant of children. Intelligent, good-natured tempered, extremely powerful. Bullmastiffs can be aggressive with other dogs and are reserved with strangers.


Bullmastín colores

Bullmastiffs are usually shades of brindle, fawn or red and some may contain white markings on the chest.


pelaje del Bullmastín

Short, smooth and dense.

Problemas de Saluds

Problemas de Salud

This breed is known to be susceptible to hip dysplasia. To help prevent the chance of hip or elbow dysplasia developing make sure your dog is on a healthy, well proportioned diet, and avoid excessive running and jumping while still a puppy as this can be hard on the developing joints. Skin issues, rashes and allergies are sometimes problems, and can be remedied with specialized treatments. Like many deep chested breed, bloat, leading to a twisted stomach, can be a rare but deadly problem. To minimize the risk of your Bullmastiff developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a Bullmastiff from a reputable Bullmastiff breeder.

Condiciones de Vida

As this is big breed they need plenty of space, so a large fenced backyard or a house in the country is preferred. An owner of a Bull mastiff must be a strong, easygoing and confident leader.

Living environment

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