Collie Barbudo Raza

A bouncy, bold, Scottish herding breed

Perros Collie Barbudo en Venta

Collie Barbudo Descripción de la Raza

Expectativa de Vida
14-16 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
7 to 8
Perros: 45-60 libras
Hembras: 40-55 libras
Perros: 21-22 pulgadas
Hembras: 20-21 pulgadas
País de Origen
Scotland in 1514
AKC Herding Dogs
FCI Group I.: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
TKC Pastoral
Otros Nombres
Beardie, Highland Collie, Hairy Mou ed Collie
Collie Barbudo

The Bearded Collie or Beardie is an ancestor of the Old English Sheepdog. Bearded Collie has short muzzle and long shaggy coat. This is a muscular medium sized dog breed; it is robust, hardy and active, but not massive. It has an aura of strength and agility characteristic of a real working dog.

Collie Barbudo perro

It makes an outstanding family companion. Its natural instincts of guarding the flock will translate to guarding his family. It is highly intelligent, resourceful, stable and self-confident. This dog breed is very stable showing no signs of shyness or aggression.


Collie Barbudo perro

The Bearded Collie is an exuberant, enthusiastic, stable, self-confident and affectionate dog breed. It is playful, lively and extremely intelligent; it makes a perfect companion for children.

The Bearded Collies will charm you with their joyous happy go lucky ways. It can be trained for many activities. It is a natural hearder of people and animals, it’s a noisy barker but does not make good watchdog. This dog breed needs to be with people, it should not be left alone with nothing to do.

Collie Barbudo perro

At times it can be headstrong, obedience training is a must. Male Beardies tend to be more bold and outgoing, while females tend to be calmer and more submissive. It should not be shy or aggressive.


Collie Barbudo colores

Its coat changes during various periods of its life. Puppies are born either black, blue, brown or fawn, with or without white markings. As it matures, it darkens to black, brown, blue, or fawn. The Beardie’s final coat color is somewhere between the puppy coat and the yearling coat.


pelaje del Collie Barbudo

It has thick, shaggy coat. The coat is double with soft and close undercoat. It should be brushed daily, and combed free of matting. Average shedder, it should be checked regularly for ticks and parasites.

Problemas de Saluds

Problemas de Salud

The Bearded Collie is generally healthy but hip dysplasia is a possibility. To help prevent the chance of hip dysplasia developing make sure your dog is on a healthy, well proportioned diet, and avoid excessive running and jumping while still a puppy as this can be hard on the developing joints. Its dense coat may conceal external parasite infestation, so regular and careful grooming is necessary to keep a check on this. To minimize the risk of your Bearded Collie developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a Bearded Collie puppy from a reputable breeder.

Condiciones de Vida

The Bearded Collie is not recommended for apartment life, as it does not like to be in a confined space, and they tend to be fairly active indoors. It loves to run free for exercise. It will do best with at least an average-sized yard, and they often like to sleep outdoors. It makes an excellent farm dog.

Living environment

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