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The perfect breed for some may be hundreds of miles away. Euro Puppy can save the extreme effort of visiting breeders and inspecting the little puppies. We will do everything instead, so that our customers around the world are provided with the perfect puppy for their home!

  • Akos Tolvaj

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Favourite Breed - Dachshund

    Akos loves their strong and cheeky personality.

  • Ede Mager

    Marketing Assistant

    Favourite Breed - Boxer

    Ede has two Boxers, which he loves because they are fun, energetic, playful and friendly!

  • Edina Igrenyi

    Delivery Coordinator

    Favourite Breed - Toy Poodle

    Because they are kind, clever and playful!

  • Eszter Heltai


    Favourite Breed - Australian Shepherd

    Because they are energetic, playful and intelligent.

  • György Horthy

    Breeder Relations Coordinator

    Favourite Breed - Havanese

    Simply because they are sweet and lovely.

  • Karoly Fekete

    Breeder Relations Team Leader

    Favourite Breed - Alaskan Malamute

    Because they are beautiful, intelligence and very playful.

  • Lorena Lira

    Customer Relations, Mexico

    Favourite Breed - Chihuahua

    Living not far from the town of Chihuahua, it is Lorena's natural choice

  • Orsolya Szabo

    Financial Assistant

    Favourite Breed - Labrador Retriever

    Because they are kind and intelligent dogs that love children.

  • Pal Nyiran

    Breeder Relations Team Member

    Favourite breed - Mudi

    Because they are beautiful and clever dogs.

  • Sandor Fagyal

    CEO of Euro Puppy

    Favourite Breed - Kerry Blue Terrier

    Because they are intelligent and understanding of human emotions!

  • Shane Sykes

    Canine Knowledge Editor

    Favourite Breed - French Bulldog

    Because they are cute, funny and silly.

    Shane (1)
  • Tamas Pribranszki

    Breeder Relations Team Member

    Favourite Breed - Boston Terrier

    Because it is active and gentle and looks like a man in a suit!

  • Tibor Berzeti

    Chief Operations Officer

    Favourite Breed - German Shepherd

    Owned German Shepherds all of his life.

  • Viktoria Perei

    Marketing Manager

    Favourite Breed - American Cocker Spaniel

    Viki had two of these when she was little - Bence and Berc!

  • Zsolt Doka

    Breeders Relations Team Member

    Favourite Breed - Caucasian Mountain Dog!

    Zsolt owns one of these giants!

Gyuri kicsi

Breeder Relations Team

György Horthy – Breeder Relations Coordinator since 2004

Gyuri is in charge of the smooth running of our Breeder Relations Team, and is the point person for all breeder communication. He is also one of our superb photographers, producing those beautiful photos of our special puppies.

Qco kicsi

Breeder Relations Team

Zsolt Doka – Breeder Relations Team Member since 2007

Qco has been driving around Hungary and beyond for 8 years, meeting thousands of puppies and making sure we pick only the best and most professional breeders. All so you can see these beauties on our website.

Pali kicsi

Breeder Relations Team

Pál Nyirán – Breeder Relations Team Member since August 2004

For over a decade now Pali has been out on the road, visiting breeders, checking out the best of their puppies and delivering them to our new dog owners.

Tamás kicsi

Breeder Relations Team

Tamás Pribránszki – Breeder Relations Team Member since April 2013

The newest member of our dedicated ‘on the road’ team, Tamas has the lucky role of getting to visit Europe’s best and most beautiful puppies every day.