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Strict Regulations of Exporting Dogs to Island Countries…Euro Puppy Has Done It Again!

July 12, 2010

Euro Puppy, has managed to get through the yards of red-tape that accompany the exportation and shipping of dogs and puppies to Island Countries! Have you ever wondered why Robinson Crusoe didn’t have a canine friend with him on his island, instead of having “Friday”? Well, he actually did have a dog….that lived 16 years with him, and yet there is hardly any mention of him in the story! Nevertheless, these days Daniel Defoe would surely have to rewrite his story, since not only could Crusoe have gotten home in one piece, but he could have even imported a dog if he wished to stay on his island paradise! Although it is rather difficult to export dogs to island countries like Japan, Cyprus, New Zealand, U.K, Euro Puppy has managed it rather successfully!

Robinson Crusoe and his Dog
” My dog was a pleasant and loving companion ” – Robinson Crusoe

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