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A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Psychology and Dog Training Techniques

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Psychology and Dog Training Techniques Training your dog is essential not just because it improves their behavior but also because it helps you keep them safe. Moreover, a well-trained dog is a dog you can take almost anywhere. So, it would also allow you to spend more quality time together. With that in mind, here...

3 Secrets Revealed about Pet Store Puppies!

‘How much is that doggy in the window?’. We have all heard the famous song. But the question is how much do you know about your local pet store and their puppies? Although buying a hamster or a guinea pig in a pet store doesn’t bare too many risks, buying a puppy in a pet store is probably not the...

The Rising Popularity of Dogs in Dubai and the Emirates

Part 1 Once you may have only noticed the noble Saluki in the seven Emirates, but now the popularity of dogs in the United Arab Emirates is growing rapidly. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere, the variety and number of dogs is plain to see. The Emirates is a country of many expats, with over 80% of the population originating...

10 facts you didn’t know about Vizsla dogs

Fact #1 In a way the Vizsla has more in common with cats than other dogs. No, it doesn’t purr and meow, but it’s a self cleaning dog and has very little of the odour most other dogs possess. So the Vizsla is an ideal match for those with a sensitive nose and no desire to bath their dog every week.

7 Interesting Dog Facts You’ve Never Heard Of

Dogs have been beloved animals and friends of humans throughout history, and this age-old relationship between man and dog has led some amazing stories and interesting dog facts to emerge. At different points in time, dogs have been warriors, gods and even werewolves! Here are just 7 of the many interesting dog facts that will truly blow your mind and...