The Cavapoo is a dog with serious appeal! For many dog devotees this is the best, cutest and most lovable designer dog of them all.

Part Poodle, part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel… the Cavapoo, or Cavadoodle, is a dog that is becoming more and more noticed. And it is being chosen more and more by families and dog lovers around the world.

It is really rare to see a Cavapoo up for adoption, or at a shelter. So it is only logical that with many people really wanting this breed, they want to know how much a Cavapoo costs and what is a fair price.

But there are several other factors you should be aware of when choosing a Cavapoo puppy for the right price…

Let us find out!

What determines the Price of a Cavapoo Puppy?

We have mentioned it already, and it is the number one factor for a Cavapoo puppy’s price… the Cavapoos popularity

It is second only to the Labradoodle amongst the designer breeds.

Why this popularity?

Many reasons!

  • It is one of the most low shedding breeds, with an almost hypoallergenic coat.
  • It is Cuteness personified!
  • Fantastic nature - the perfect loving, friendly, family dog.
  • Small size = easy to transport / perfect for apartment living.

Cavapoo breeders are not dafties, they know how popular this pup is. So they know they can charge a slightly higher price than for other similar breeds.

But there are other key factors that drive the price of the Cavapoo. And these next ones are crucial for you if you want to choose the right Cavapoo puppy.

Quality of Cavapoo breeding! 

More care from the breeder = more cost for the breeder. 

This is the number 1 reason why you should be careful when you consider lower priced puppies. 

You can’t put a price on the best start to a puppy’s life!

Having better care spent on them at the start will mean a higher price tag when you buy a Cavapoo. But it could save you serious dollars later on!


Because a puppy that has had the best care early on has the best chance of a healthy life. As simple as that.

Plus the very best breeders are not in it for big profits. They want to make money for sure, but they want the best for their pups and dogs too. So while a price tag may look high, it does not mean pure profit; far from it.

The breeder who dedicates themselves to the best standards will ensure their Cavapoo litter is from health screened parents with the best look and nature of the breed.

The very best breeders, like on Euro Puppy, will want a sire and dam with a strong, show winning or Champion pedigree. A pedigree with show winning dogs means they are perfect examples of the Cavalier or Poodle breed. 

All these factors should be discussed before you choose a puppy!

cavapoo litter

Added Extras with your Cavapoo puppy...

Here is one point that is often overlooked…

From the best sources you won't just get a puppy for the price you pay, you will get a whole lot more. 

The best breeders will often include all the following in the price…

  • Microchip
  • All health testing covered before you receive your puppy
  • All vaccines and dewormings necessary before you receive your puppy 
  • Health check before travel 

Just to toot our own horn once more - with a Cavapoo from Euro Puppy you get all of this. You even get a dog crate!

Now you have a few ideas of what to consider when evaluating the price tag, and what to watch out for.

It’s time to get down to the numbers!

How much does a Cavapoo cost in the US?

The Cavapoo may be from Australia, but the US is where it is most popular of all.

Once again that demand naturally drives the price up. Sorry about that folks.

Over the last 10 years the Cavapoo has boomed in the US. To such an extent that the popular name outside the US for this breed - ‘Cavadoodle’, has been usurped in usage by ‘Cavapoo’. Americanizations everywhere! 

This popularity has been nothing compared to what has happened since 2020 and the start of the pandemic.

2020 saw a huge rise in dog ownership, and in that year the Cavapoo entered the top 10 in the U.S and became the number 1 breed on Euro Puppy.

Prices grew dramatically from 2020-21, then levelled off, and recently, in 2022, even declined slightly. 

Let’s get down to the figures in 2022…

  • The Minimum - $1200. A price like this means it is likely from a hobby breeder. 
  • The Likely - $1500 - $2500. Usually from a more committed, ‘professional’ breeder. 
  • The Premium - from a top of the range breeder with pedigree lines, anywhere above $2000. Even $3000 upwards can be common. 

It is not impossible to see $4000+ being asked for a Cavapoo, but not frequently. Often these pups would be from very successful, Champion lines.

Location, location, location..

In a country the size of the US, where you live can mean a considerable variation in price. A lower number of breeders in your area will lead to higher prices. 


A price under $1200 should be considered with caution. It suggests that less care may have gone into the puppy’s early upbringing. Including less vet checks and less health tests. 

It does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed to get a puppy of lower quality or bad health, or even from a bad source. But the chance is higher.

funny cavapoo

How much does a Cavapoo cost in the UK?

The UK is the home of the Cavalier, and you will now see Cavapoos everywhere you look. Trust me, on my last trip there this summer, I thought they were having a Cavapoo convention! 

The hypoallergenic coat has been the main attraction for UK Cavapoo owners.

Back in 2020 just as Cavapoos were getting really popular, a price tag of £1000 -£1250 was quite common.

However during the pandemic things went boom, and the Cavapoo had the second highest price on average of any dog, clocking in at over £2500 by 2021. That’s equivalent to over $3000 US dollars.

Again prices levelled off later in 2021, and have settled down a bit.

A puppy from a good breeder will likely have an average price of £1500 - £2000 in 2022

Throughout the EU, prices are roughly the same, give or take.

However, from very exclusive bloodlines a figure of around £3000 is not impossible.

So now you have some idea what to expect on average, let us consider top end prices…

Is 3500 dollars too much for a Cavapoo?

A few years ago, the answer would be a clear yes! 

For an average Cavapoo this would still be a lot even now. But for certain litters this price per puppy is quite possible…

A top end puppy, from champion or show winning bloodlines can carry a price tag of $3000-$3500.

But you should expect a lot when you see this amount…

  • It should be a perfect example of the Cavapoo breed.
  • The Cavalier and Poodle must have pedigrees, which you would expect to contain show wins at the very least.
  • The health records of the puppies and parents should be numerous and clear of any issues. 
  • You can expect to receive lots of info about the environment the puppies are being raised in. 
  • A puppy at this price tag should be well socialised, nice natured and outgoing.

Does Cavapoo colour affect the price?

red cavapoo

Red Cavapoo from Euro Puppy

There is a variety of Cavapoo colours, and this does create a variety of prices too. 

A very popular colour like ruby / red is one of the more expensive. If a litter has only 1 or 2 red pups, they will be more expensive than the tan or apricot pups. 

Rarer and harder to breed colours like merle or tricolour are more expensive too.

On average a black Cavapoo is the cheapest and can come in $100-$200 less than other colours in a litter.

How much does a Mini Cavapoo cost?

A mini Cavapoo, aka a Toy Cavapoo, is always bred from a Toy Poodle, the smallest of the Poodles. And usually from the smallest Toy Poodle from a litter.

They are on average 7-12 lb / 3-6 kg in weight and 9-12 inch / 23-30 cm in height.

However a small size does not make for a smaller price tag.

Thankfully though the average price is similar to a standard Cavapoo.

However, thanks to small = more popular you can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars extra for a Mini Cavapoo.

How much do F1, F1B or F2 Cavapoos cost?

A F1 Cavapoo is the most common, and is a simple cross of a Cavalier and Poodle. 

A F1B puppy is from a Cavapoo crossed with either a Cavalier, or more usually a Poodle.

Meanwhile a F2 Cavapoo comes from two, F1 Cavapoo parents. 

The F1 Cavapoo is almost always the lowest priced.

Multi generation Cavapoos are more expensive. For several reasons… 

Firstly more effort goes into breeding multiple generations of Cavapoos. 

An F2 Cavapoo litter for example means you have already bred a litter of Cavapoos from a Cavalier and Poodle. And then bred 2 more Cavapoos, from 2 different litters of course. More work = more cost.

The more ‘pure Cavapoo’ in a puppy also means the closer to hypoallergenic they are. 

The F2 Cavapoo is the best choice for those with allergies. 

Breeders know that F2 Cavapoos shed less, and realise the greater value.

On average a F2 Cavapoo will cost a few hundred dollars more than a F1.

cavapoo f2

F2 Cavapoo from Euro Puppy

How much does it cost to own a Cavapoo?

So you are committed to choosing a Cavapoo puppy!

And now you know how much you will likely pay for one.

Finally you should think about how much this is going to cost down the road. 

Believe me, the cost of living will be more than you will pay for your Cavapoo.

Of course cost will vary depending on what you provide for your Cavapoo. Extras such as training, dog sitting, holiday costumes(!) will bump up the price.

The Cavapoo coat, though very low shedding, will need grooming by a professional at least every few months to keep it tidy, so bear that price in mind too.

But when it comes to the staples; such as food, vet care, toys, bed etc then a frequently quoted price expectation is $1000 per year.

For most people that will overtake the price of the Cavapoo within a few years of ownership.

But this is a price people are willing to pay for the love and joy that a Cavapoo, or any dog, can bring. 

Now you can choose a Cavapoo puppy knowing how much money you need to put aside, both now and later. Plus you are aware of what to look out for under that price tag! This is all part of being a responsible dog owner.

After all, can you really put a price on Cavapoo happiness!