In recent years ‘designer breeding’ has become very popular amongst professional breeders. This is the combining of two popular breeds to make healthy, strong mix breeds. One of the most popular of all is the Cavapoo. 

First professionally bred by breeders in Australia in the 1990’s this dog has boomed in numbers and notoriety. 

Part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, part Poodle, the Cavapoo has proven to be a superb, low shedding, happy, family dog. 

One of the reasons the Cavapoo was created was to ensure a dog with the best, most loving and playful nature. This has been achieved, as the Cavapoo is people loving to the full.

The other reason was to produce a breed as hypoallergenic as possible, and this has succeeded too. The Cavapoo is a superb choice for allergy sufferers.

It is no wonder that the Cavapoo is one of our most popular puppies for saleAnd it is no wonder more and more people want to know everything about the Cavapoo before they choose a puppy. 

One of the more popular questions we get is… “Just how big will a Cavapoo grow?”

It may sound like a simple and not very important question, right? Wrong!

When choosing a puppy, size is a very important factor. In fact it can be a make or break factor in deciding if the Cavapoo, or a particular puppy, is right for you.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as saying that all Cavapoos are ‘this’ size. It’s a bit more complicated than that!

First of all…

What do we mean by Cavapoo size?

cavapoo puppy size

Length, height, weight? 

A breed standard is what all kennel clubs and breeders follow to describe and judge a breed. 

A purebred Labrador Retriever for example should conform to the breed standard. This includes things like colour, coat length, head shape etc, but also height.

When it comes to size, for the breed standard, height matters most of all

But weight matters most in terms of a Cavapoo’s health

So height and weight is what we will focus on.

But hold on there. The Cavapoo is not actually a pure breed. It’s a mix! So is there even a breed standard?

The straight answer is no. That is why explaining Cavapoo size is not a simple thing. There is quite a bit of variation in how big a Cavapoo can get.

What we need to do is delve deeper into the details ….

How big is a fully grown Cavapoo?

cavapoo full size

And our first answer… that depends on the parents.

But why does Cavapoo size and weight vary?

The Cavapoo is, as you know, a mixture of Cavalier and Poodle. And the size of the two parents matter. While a Cavalier is a fairly standard size, a Poodle isn’t!

If you choose a Cavapoo with a Toy Poodle parent for example, you are certain to have a smaller puppy than one from a Miniature Poodle parent. (Cavapoos are very rarely bred from Standard Poodles).

However we can boil it down a bit more for you. A straight answer is that 95+% of Cavapoos will fall into the following weight range…

 8 - 25 pounds  /  3.5 - 11 kg

And this height range…

9 - 16 inches  /  23 - 40 cm

If you are thinking.. Well that is quite a wide range, then yes you are right.

Let us try and narrow it down a bit more….

Cavapoo Size by Type

There are several types of Cavapoo. These depend on the exact combination of Cavalier and Poodle, and each has a slightly different size…

First of all you have ‘F1’ Cavapoos….

F1 Cavapoo Size

f1 cavapoo size

A F1 Cavapoo is the standard. It is a perfect 50/50 mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle

What size is a full grown F1 Cavapoo? 

The majority of F1 Cavapoos will weigh 7-9kg / 15-20lbs and will grow to be 28-38cm / 11-15 inches in height.

F1B Cavapoo Size 

f1b cavapoo size


A F1B Cavapoo has one parent that is a F1 Cavapoo while the other is usually a Poodle (but could be a Cavalier). 

How big will a F1B Cavapoo get? 

Because they are usually 75% Poodle the F1B size is a bit more varied than the F1. So they will be a bit more of a gamble size wise when you choose a young puppy. 

But in general it will be similar to the average range of the F1 - A F1B will weigh 6-10kg / 13-22lbs and be 28-44cm / 11-17 inches in height.

F2 Cavapoo Size

f2 cavapoo size

A F2 Cavapoo means that both sire and dam are already Cavapoos, each bred from a Cavalier and Poodle.

Again a F2 Cavapoo’s full grown size is not too dissimilar from others. But on average they may be just a fraction smaller than the previous generations. 

What size will a F2 Cavapoo reach?

The average weight of a F2 is 7-8 kg / 15-18lbs and they should grow to be 25-35cm / 10-14 inches in height.

Toy Cavapoo Size

toy cavapoo size

And here is a key difference! 

A Toy Cavapoo is a cross of a Cavalier and a Toy Poodle. Toy Poodles being the smallest of all Poodles.

So what size is a fully grown Toy Cavapoo? 

They are on average 7-12lb / 3-6 kg in weight and 9-12 inch / 23-30cm inches in height.

Does colour affect Cavapoo size? 

red cavapoo size

We are often asked questions like… what size are red Cavapoos? And the answer is that they are the same as any other Cavapoo. The colour of a Cavapoo is not a factor in their size.

Choose your Cavapoo responsibly

If you choose your Cavapoo from a good source, like a breeder that Euro Puppy works with, then you will get lots of info about the parents

This means you can get a much clearer idea of the final size of your Cavapoo.

Is a Cavapoo a small or medium sized dog?

There is no official definition of what is a small dog, or what is a medium sized dog. 

But a general rule, followed fairly widely, is that a small sized dog weighs 20lb / 9 kg or less.

That guarantees that the vast majority of Cavapoos will be small sized dogs, as the average weight is 7-8kg. Only a big Cavapoo, probably 10% or less of all puppies, will be a medium sized dog. And even then, only just medium sized

Some would even say that a dog weighing less than 15lb is a Toy sized dog. Which would include many Cavapoos. Whatever way you define it, all Cavapoos are perfectly sized for your lap!

Cavapoo Puppy Growth

cavapoo puppy growth

Once you have chosen your Cavapoo puppy you will want to know just how that pup is going to grow….


This is an average weight guide for the most common Cavapoo, the F1.

Age Weight
4 weeks 2lb / 1kg
8 weeks 3lb / 1.3 kg
12 weeks 4lb / 1.8kg
4 months 6lb / 2.7kg
6 months 9lb / 4kg
8 months 12.5lb / 5.6kg
1 year 18lb / 8kg

Some Cavapoo pups will grow at a slightly different rate, and some will be bigger or smaller than this at full growth - such as a Toy Cavapoo.

Most Cavapoos finish growing by the age of 1 year.

What living environment does a Cavapoo’s size make it ideal for?

cavapoo environment

The Cavapoo is super adaptable.

Both their smaller size, and their super sweet nature make them ideal for just about any type of home.

In an apartment they will be content, playful and happy, as long as they get enough exercise.

In a house with a secure garden they will love to play and run around with their family!

How to keep your Cavapoo at a healthy weight

cavapoo size exercise

The following is true for all puppies, not just Cavapoos.

A young puppy should be fed little and often. 

Up until 6 months of age three small meals a day is ideal. Followed by twice a day after this. 

The general rule of thumb is to feed your puppy 2-3% of their body weight per day. That will keep them on track to maintaining a healthy weight.

 So if your Cavapoo puppy weighs 5kg then 100-150g per day is what you are looking for. 

What you choose to feed your puppy is really a personal choice. It can depend on the puppy too, and what they like.

Whether you choose dry food, tinned food, ‘human’ food or the raw meat diet, the main thing is to be consistent. Sudden changes in diet can lead to tummy issues for your puppy.

Your local vet is always your best friend for feeding advice!

Cavapoo Exercise requirements

cavapoo healthy weight

Exercising your Cavapoo is just as important as feeding when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

And happily the Cavapoo is quite flexible here too. 

60 minutes of walking a day split into 2 or 3 outings would be sufficient to keep your Cavapoo a happy and healthy weight. 

Some playtime each day is good too.

But despite their size the Cavapoo can go far. Some Cavapoo owners have found their dogs to be grand hiking partners, and a 10 mile / 16 km walk is within their capabilities. Just not every day!


So while there is some variation in the Cavapoo size, and there will be a few surprises for some Cavapoo owners as they grow, most Cavapoos fit into the perfect small, lap dog size. 

A good expectation for most Cavapoo owners is to have a dog of 7-9kg in weight and 11 to 15 inches in height. Almost all of the Cavapoos on Euro Puppy fall into that size range. 

If you are looking for a smaller Cavapoo puppy then you will want to make sure one of the parents is a Toy Poodle. Then you will get a wonderful, little bundle of fun!

If you want to find out more about what you can expect from a Cavapoo, and especially what a Cavapoo from a brilliant breeder through Euro Puppy will be like, then check out our Customer Reviews