Kuvasz Breed

A thick white coated, funny, Hungarian guard dog

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Kuvasz Breed Description

Life Expectancy
9-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 8
Dogs: 100-115 pounds
Bitches: 70-90 pounds
Dogs: 28-30 inches
Bitches: 26-28 inches
Country of Origin
Hungary, 13th century
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group I.: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
TKC Pastoral
Other Names
Hungarian Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a majestic, well-proportioned white sheepdog with a very handsome head. The Kuvasz (plural is Kuvaszok) is a working dog of larger size, sturdy, well balanced, neither lanky nor cobby.

Kuvasz dog

It is white in color with no markings. It is extremely loyal, obedient, active and strong but is wary of strangers. It makes an excellent watch dog and guard dog.


Kuvasz dog

The Kuvasz is intelligent and curious, it is bold, determined, brave and fearless. It is an outstanding herder and defender of the flock against wolves; it has strong protective instincts. It is easy to housebreak.

This breed is devoted to its family, forming a strong bond with them, though the Kuvasz is a very independent breed and may even be standoffish with its owners. This is not a breed for everyone, it requires an owner who knows how to display strong leadership and who is willing to spend a lot of time socializing and training. It must be extensively socialized at an early age to combat its extremely protective personality. It is not an easy breed to obedience train, as it was bred to work independently of men; it is willful, but also quite sensitive to criticism.

Kuvasz dog

Do not treat this dog harshly. It is important that all family members should be taught how to handle the dog. It is highly advisable to accustom the puppy to handling strangers, both for your veterinarian’s sake and if you wish to show the dog. If the dog is going to live with children, it is best, if possible, to select a Kuvasz pup from Kuvasz parents who love children. It is usually gentle and patient with its own family’s children, but may not be trustworthy with others. Do not leave this dog unsupervised with small children and their friends!


Kuvasz colors



Kuvasz coat

Longhaired, slightly wavy or flat double coat, soft undercoat. The coat should be brushed weekly. Avoid bathing this dog, as the coat naturally sheds dirt and bathing will remove the oils that give the coat this property. The more you bathe this dog the more it will need to be bathed. Instead of bathing, the dog should be brushed frequently.

Health Issuess

Health Issues

It is prone to hip dysplasia. To help prevent the chance of hip or elbow dysplasia developing make sure your dog is on a healthy, well proportioned diet, and avoid excessive running and jumping while still a puppy as this can be hard on the developing joints. Some minor issues are osteochondritis dissecans (a disease causing lameness from inflammation of the shoulder joints), skin problems and allergic reactions, keep a close eye out for any of these.  This breed may drool and slobber. To minimize the risk of your dog developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a Kuvasz dog from a reputable breeder.

Living Environment

This breed is not recommended for apartment life. It is fairly active indoors and does best with at least a large yard. Do not leave this dog alone in the backyard for long time, as it may become destructive.
Kuvasz dogs should never be left outside all tied up, for this could lead to viciousness. It can live outdoors in temperate to cold climates as long as it has a doghouse and fresh water, but will do best if allowed access to both the house and yard. Because of its thick coat it feels very uncomfortable in warm weather or humid conditions; it should always have plenty of shade and fresh water.

Living environment

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