Burberry - Basenji puppy for sale

Champion Bloodline

Breeder's Note

Bright, bold and bouncy; Burberry is the funniest pup of this Basenji litter.

This is a strong, healthy, Champion winning Basenji bloodline.

Living with a Basenji is a joyous adventure. Their spirited, curious nature adds zest to daily life. Renowned as the "barkless dog," they communicate with charming yodels. This compact, elegant breed thrives in active households, relishing daily walks and playtime. Basenjis, clever and independent, form strong bonds with their families.

Their impeccable grooming habits and minimal shedding make them a delight to maintain. Embrace the lively rhythm of a Basenji, and you'll find yourself immersed in the warmth of a unique canine companion.

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and dewormings to date, microchip and the Euro Puppy Guarantee.
red and white
12 weeks
Date of Birth
Nov 28, 2023

A Commitment of a Lifetime

Since 2001 Euro Puppy has been proud to be the premier choice for dog lovers to find the perfect purebred European puppy. And in those 18 years and more, our mission in life, as dog lovers, has been devotion both to the puppies we deliver and to the dog owners that receive them. Just like you, we understand how a puppy changes your life, and what a big commitment it is. What you really want is a perfect puppy, and that is what you get, but you also get a partner down the road, with the security of our Guarantee.

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What others say about us...

Hello Eddie, I’m writing to let you know Anton is doing FANTASTIC!! I have had him for a week now and i’m truly amazed how intelligent/obedient he is. He already knows “come”, “sit”, “down”, “heel” and “shake”. He enjoys training a lot but it is also very challenging since Anton is very stubborn, you can’t make him do something if he doesn’t want to do it or if he gets nothing from it. I know how to motivate him and […]

Yes was love at first sight  Here is Jones now!

I am sorry to become late. I send the photograph which grew up on the next time. regards sumie

Hi Shane, Bailey says Thank You and is enjoying his Birthday. He is celebrating with a long walk and a special dog Birthday Biscuit. Seen in the picture below. He is a wonderful dog, extremely friendly and very calm. Although also can get very excited when it’s time for one of his favourite Chicken Chews. There are also a few other pictures from over the last year which you can share with the breeder. Best Regards Mary

Minna Tamminen

Helsinki, Finland


Vancouver , Canada

Sumie Tamori

Osaka, Japan


Allschwil , Switzerland

Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
Dogs: 22-26 pounds
Bitches: 20-25 pounds
Dogs: 16-17 inches
Bitches: 15-16 inches
Country of Origin
Egypt 3600 BC.
AKC Hound Dogs
FCI Group V.: Spitz and Primitive types
TKC Hound
Other Names
Congo Dog, Congo Terrier