Galgo Afgano Raza

An ancient, aristocratic, and slender dog

Perros Galgo Afgano en Venta

Galgo Afgano Descripción de la Raza

Expectativa de Vida
12-15 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
6 to 8
Extra grande
Perros: 50-60 libras
Hembras: 40-50 libras
Perros: 25-27 pulgadas
Hembras: 23-25 pulgadas
País de Origen
Otros Nombres
Tazi, Baluchi Hound
Galgo Afgano

The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest breeds, over 4000 years old. It is an ancient, aristocratic, beautiful dog. Afghan hounds were originally used for hunting in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Galgo Afgano perro

Tall and slender with a long, narrow, refined head, silky topknot and powerful jaws. Its long, thick and silky coat makes the breed quite an attraction.


Galgo Afgano perro

This breed is very sweet and affectionate. It has a low dominance level. Firm but gentle obedience training is required. It can be difficult to housebreak. The Afghan Hound dog is suspicious of strangers, but never hostile.

It makes a wonderful companion to older, considerate children.

Galgo Afgano perro

This dog is reserved, lively and active. This breed is gentle, friendly and makes an excellent family dog. It needs plenty of opportunity to run, preferably off the leash, and a lot of regular exercise. It is an extremely fast and agile runner. This breed is an excellent sighthound. It was used as a hunter of deer, wild goats, wolves, and even snow leopards. This breed was also used as a watchdog and herder.


Galgo Afgano colores

All colors are permitted. White markings, especially on the head, are undesirable.


pelaje del Galgo Afgano

This breed is an average shedder. The long, thick coat demands a great deal of grooming. When showing, weekly bath is a must. In order to keep the coat shiny and long never brush in-between baths. Brushing a dry coat will damage the coat and make it more easily matted. Even if your Afghan won’t be shown, weekly baths will make the coat less matted. Use a special air-cushioned brush or pin brush for grooming.

Problemas de Saluds

Problemas de Salud

This is a healthy, long-lived breed. It has a low tolerance of pain, thereby suffering even with minor injuries. Sensitivity to anesthesia is an issue the Afghan hound shares with the rest of the sighthound group, as sighthounds have relatively low levels of body fat. So be aware of this if yours were to require surgery. To make sure that you get a healthy dog, you should buy an Afghan Hound puppy from a reputable breeder.

Condiciones de Vida

This breed is not recommended for apartment life. As it is a large breed it needs plenty of space and would enjoy having a yard to exercise in. It loves to be outdoors and get plenty of exercise.

Living environment

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