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A faithful, friendly, French flock guardian

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Great Pyrenees Breed Description

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 10
Dogs: 100-125 pounds
Bitches: 85-115 pounds
Dogs: 27-32 inches
Bitches: 25-29 inches
Country of Origin
AKC Toy Dogs
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
TKC Pastoral
Other Names
Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Chien des Pyrenees, Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees
Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a very large animal with a solid muscular body, it gives the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty. It has a weather resistant coat that will allow it to withstand intense cold temperatures.

Great Pyrenees dog

This breed needs close human companionship, attention and lots of space. The Great Pyrenees will not do well with apartment dwellers. This breed is pleasant, gentle, loyal and extremely intelligent.


Great Pyrenees dog

The Great Pyrenees is very loyal and devoted to its family even if self-sacrifice is required. It is gentle, serious, calm, and well mannered. It is courageous, and obedient. This dog is very affectionate with those it loves. It does best with children when it is raised with them from puppyhood. It has an independent, somewhat stubborn nature, and may try to dominate a less secure owner. It may be slightly difficult to train, it needs a consistent, patient owner.

Great Pyrenees dog

The Great Pyrenees is good with non-canine animals, and usually loves cats. Socialization at an early age is important. Males can be aggressive with other animals. This dog does not reach maturity until it is about 2 years old. Some are not good off the leash and may wander away. This breed tends to bark a lot and some tend to drool and slobber. It needs plenty of exercise to stay in shape.


Great Pyrenees colors



Great Pyrenees coat

Long and coarse textured with a profuse undercoat of very fine hair. Regular brushing will keep the coat in good condition, but extra care is needed when the dog is shedding its dense undercoat. The outer coat does not mat, so care is relatively easy. Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. This dog sheds heavily once a year.

Health Issuess

Health Issues

They can be prone to hip dysplasia. To help prevent the chance of hip or elbow dysplasia developing make sure your dog is on a healthy, well proportioned diet, and avoid excessive running and jumping while still a puppy as this can be hard on the developing joints. They can develop skin problems in very hot weather, so be careful in summer conditions. To minimize the risk of your Pyrenees developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a Great Pyrenees dog from a reputable breeder.

Living Environment

This breed is not recommended for apartment life. It needs a lot of space. It is relatively inactive indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized fenced yard. The Great Pyrenees prefers cool climates.

Living environment

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