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A long legged, fast moving, Arabian sighthound

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Black and Tan Saluki image
Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
4 to 8
Dogs: 29-66 pounds
Bitches: 27-60 pounds
Dogs: 26-30 inches
Bitches: 20-25 inches
Country of Origin
Egypt and before: Iran
AKC Hound Dogs
FCI Group X.: Sighthounds
TKC Hound
Other Names
Persian Greyhound, Gazelle Hound, Persian Sight hound, Tanji, Arabian Hound, Tazi, Egyptian Saluki Dog
Black and Tan Saluki Puppy image

The Saluki is a breed of dogs known for speed, stamina and endurance. It resembles the Azawakh or Sloughi, which were commonly known as the Royal dogs of Egypt.

Black and Tan Saluki picture

Until the designation of Sloughi as a breed, it was commonly mixed with Sloughis in England and some other European countries. Salukis are perhaps one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog.


Saluki image

A true Saluki retains the qualities of hunting hounds. They may appear reserved and uninterested. They learn quickly but can get bored with repetition, so training sessions should be short and varied.

They do not bark much but they make goood watchdogs. This breed is ususally very calm and balanced, if it gets enough exercise and care. Even though it needs large areas to run and do exercise, a loving family is just as much necessary, they can’t live happily without it.

Black and Tan Saluki Puppy picture

Salukis need to be trained in order to quit chasing small animals, but we shouldn’t forget that the natural instinct can’t be removed. At the same time, the Saluki is considered a sensitive breed, emotionally and physically too.


Black and Tan Saluki Puppy picture

Red, fawn, cream, golden, tricolor, black and silver, chocolate, fawn, grizzle, chocolate grizzle.


Black and Tan Saluki Puppy picture

This odor-free dog is easy to groom. The longer-haired part of the dog should be brushed and combed. It is an average shedder. Salukis come in two varieties – the Smooth, having short silky hair all over their bodies, and the feathered, with long silky fringes on the ears, tail and rear of the limbs.

Health Issuess

Health Issues

Like most sight-hounds, the Saluki is a very healthy breed. The biggest problem to worry about is their sensitivity to anesthesia (the condition of having the feeling of pain and other sensations blocked) as a result of their low levels of body fat. They are also prone to genetic eye diseases and cancer and may get sunburnt on their noses easily, so be wary in very sunny conditions.

To minimize the risk of your Saluki developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a dog from a reputable breeder.

Living Environment

Salukis are not recommended for apartment life. They need regular exercise, but behave quietly indoors. A fence of at least five feet in height is recommended, as a Saluki can easily jump anything lower than that. This breed should sleep indoors, as they like warm temperatures the most.

Living environment

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