Ever wondered who those people are behind the scenes at Euro Puppy? Want to find out what happens when the Euro Puppy team and their families head out into nature to do some outdoor cooking? Well whether you do or not, you’re going to read and see all about it now!

The location:

Királyrét a beautiful little tourist area on the edge of the Börzsöny Mountains, close to the famous and magical ‘Danube Bend’. Total population of 39, or possibly 36, depends who you ask (at least 1,729,031 less than Euro Puppy’s home of Budapest). euro puppy map

The plan:

For the Euro Puppy team, and their families to head out together into nature, do some cooking over real campfires, have fun together outside the office, and eat some delicious food! The starting time 9am, Friday 26th June (except most of us arrived late!)

The Day:

As luck would have it, it turned out to be a typical Hungarian June day. With bright blue skies, the temperature in the high 20’s, and just a hint of wind. We had a beautiful open meadow, surrounded by rich Hungarian woods to enjoy our day. Once everyone had made their introductions to colleagues and family alike, the business of cooking began! euro puppy teameuro puppy family                       We split up into 3 teams and started the preparations for the meals. The ‘head chefs’ for each team were, Tamás, one of our Breeder Relation team members, Gyuri our Head of Breeder Relations, and Sandor the CEO and boss! There followed some rugged outdoor activities, such as chopping firewood and getting the fires going! Each team spent around two hours cooking some delicious meats and vegetables over the fires. The exquisite choices including chicken and wild boar stew, with some tasty prepared salads and bread to go along side. 11717537_1009718185713897_4080322813679328472_o11667531_1009717679047281_6058101147999570147_n                       We sat down to tuck into the meals at midday. The best part of the day! Each of the three meals were judged to be excellent, with Steve, our Breed Expert, particularly keen to discover the secret recipe for Gyuri’s sauce! Having had our fill (and beyond) at lunch, the day was free to enjoy the great outdoors, and each other’s company. Sandor’s children and Steve's grandchildren could enjoy themselves to their hearts content by playing on the nearby swings. Even a few of the team members couldn’t resist having a go too! Shane being an avid mountain walker couldn’t resist the sight of the hill looking over the meadow, and went up to work off some of the lunch weight he had just gained! While everyone else could relax and enjoy the great summer day on the meadow.

IMG_5235 The view from atop the hill!

Over the next few hours everyone could sit back and get to know each other's families a little better. It was great for everybody to be together, as many of us are often in far flung regions searching for new and amazing puppies. It is rare for the whole group to be in one place! euro puppy team members The food and drink continued to flow through the sunny afternoon while we all mingled, chatted and laughed together. It was great to get to meet peoples families, with some coming from as far away as Jordan! The whole day proved to be a wonderful experience, and was certainly enjoyed by all. By 5pm the day had gone by so quickly (not like the average office day!) and it was time to say our goodbyes, and we headed back to the hustle and bustle of Budapest. You can check out all the beautiful pictures from our happy day at Királyrét on our Facebook page.