Techniques for House training your puppy can vary depending on your lifestyle. Some people have their own garden where they let their dogs poop, which becomes manure after a while, so you don't need to be present to pick it up after them.

In this case, the only requirement is that you train you dog to poop outside. The key to doing this is to have a regular schedule. If your puppy knows that he/she is going to be let out of the house at a particular time, chances are that they will time their potty. If you have several dogs already, then the puppies pick up the pattern from them.

Cute Puppies

Image Credit: George G. Hoffman

Initially when your pups are young, try and have a separate place for them to poop. The place should be far away from the sleeping area and when you observe them getting ready to let go (Sniffing around, moving in circles), pick them up and place them there. Ideal is a piece of news paper also referred to as paper training.

I understand that this requires constant care and supervision, but hey, that's what a puppy's all about!