We learned last week about some basic house training for your puppy, and this week, we're going to explore a very popular technique called paper training. It basically involves designating a certain area in your house by marking it with waster paper. That area will be used by your puppy for potty training. When you notice that your puppy is going to poop (yes you have to keep a close watch, or else it's a no go) you must pick her up place her on the sheets so that she does her business on the paper. After you clean up, cover the area again with fresh paper, and keep a slightly soiled piece in the area so that she will associate the smell of that area with her potty routine. Soon she will go there of her own accord when she needs to poop. As your puppy learns each time that she is to go to the designated area, keep reducing the area of the paper so that it reaches a consistent size. Reinforce the fact that potty is only to be done in the marked area by immediately cleaning up accidental drops in the wrong place with diluted vinegar. This will remove the smell and will prevent the dog from associating that area with her potty again.
Paper Training
With a little bit of praise and encouragement, your dog is set!