As dog lovers, none of us want to be faced with the terrible possibility that our dog may suffer a serious congenital illness or die prematurely, but Euro Puppy sticks by their customers all the way down the road to help protect them should the unlikely event occur.

Previously we launched our awesome 10 Year Guarantee, which astounded and dumbfounded the competition. This was because we offered to cover our customers for ten years should their puppy die or suffer a congenital illness by giving them FREE a new puppy!

This wasn’t enough for us, we wanted to take an even bolder step to satisfy our customers!

So that is why we are launching our new Shipping Protection service so our proud new dog owners can have complete protection, financially and emotionally. Our new Shipping Protection, is simple but comprehensive, for a small one off fee when purchasing your new puppy, our happy new dog owners would be completely covered from paying any shipping costs if they do sadly require a new puppy in the future.

Sandor Fagyal CEO of Euro Puppy explains “At Euro Puppy we have in the past followed the same policy that all puppy adoption companies have done; to charge for the shipping of the dog, this has always been the way, whether buying online or through a store. However as dog lovers ourselves we understand how our customers feel about their dogs and we wanted to change this, and not be like the other companies that offer little in the way of protection, and cut all connections with their customers once delivery is made.”

In the rare times a congenital illness does occur or the dog passes away, the last thing on the owners mind is the shipping costs of the new puppy, and it can be a shock when those numbers are laid out before them. What we want our customers to have, is a big smile on their face when they see that big zero next to costs, so they can look forward to the smooth arrival of their new puppy.

As Sandor says “We believe in maintaining a close relationship with our customers, and in the past in special circumstances we have covered our customers for the cost of shipping another puppy. We honestly came to feel guilty that we had to charge for shipping in the rare occasion a new puppy was needed, so we started to think maybe there should be an option for all our customers to protect themselves if the unexpected did happen.”

Sandor sums up the belief at Euro Puppy “I strongly believe with our 10 Year Guarantee we had already proved ourselves more daring than any other company in protecting our customers from any future issues, but still we didn’t want any of our customers put off from getting a free new puppy simply because 0of the shipping costs. Now with the Shipping Protection this problem is extinguished and Euro Puppy’s customers can enjoy life with their dog without worrying about any expense down the road.”