AKC foreign dog registration

How to fill out your AKC foreign dog registration form

The instructions below will help you fill out the AKC registration form based on the export pedigree you received from Euro Puppy. The export pedigree was obtained from the Hungarian Kennel Club (Magyar Ebtenyesztok Orszagos Egyesulete (MEOE) )

Listed below is an AKC Foreign Dog Registration Form already filled out as an example. Below this AKC form is a Certified Export Pedigree similar to the one you have received for your dog. If you do not have an AKC Foreign Dog Registration form you can download it here.

The Certified Export Pedigree is both your registration paper and your pedigree combined into one. If you have not received your Certified Export Pedigree yet, you must wait until you do so before completing the AKC Foreign Dog Registration form.

Both the AKC example form and the Certified Export Pedigree below are marked with numbers – the numbers are referenced to each other to help you locate the information needed for accurate completion of the AKC Foreign Dog Registration.

The descriptions of the numbered references are listed immediately below for additional or important information. For easier viewing you may want to print this page out to avoid constant scrolling. Once you have completed the AKC form, be sure to read page 3 of the AKC Foreign Dog Registration and follow the instructions. Make sure to send copies of your Certified Export Pedigree and not the original. Don’t forget to send two 3×5 photos of your dog (one standing taken from the side and one standing taken from the front) along with the paperwork, and don’t forget to send the $50.00 processing fee to AKC.

Instructions for numbered references:

(1) This is your dog’s foreign registration number. Just copy this registration number to the AKC form.

(2) This is your dog’s Birth Date.

(3) This is your dog’s actual registered name that was assigned by the breeder. Although you may have changed the name of your dog – you must use the name listed on your dog’s foreign Export Pedigree, otherwise AKC will not register your dog. The name you personally call your dog will now be known as your dog’s Call Name, not his/her registered name!

(4) Just check the sex of your dog. In Hungarian “KAN” is male and “SZUKA” is female.

(6) This is the country in which your dog was born: Hungary.

(7) This is the breed of your dog. This will need to be written in the English form, not the one you see on the foreign registration from. For example the foreign from says “Angol Bulldog”, which is English Bulldog in English.

(8) This is the color of your dog – no matter what you think your dog’s color is – you must use the color listed on this Export Pedigree. Be sure to transfer the markings, if any, to the AKC form as well. If you don’t transfer the exact colors/markings listed on the Export Pedigree, AKC will see a contradiction of information and may not register your dog. Usually they place these in English but in some cases they do not – Below is a list of colors in Hungarian to help you out. Feel free to contact us if you don’t see your dog’s color here:

  • Feher = White
  • Csikos = Brindle
  • Piros = Red
  • Fekete = Black
  • Sarga = Fawn

(9) Whatever is listed on your Export Pedigree – Microchip #, DNA #or Tattoo # – just copy this information to your AKC form. If there is no number listed on the certificate, then the Tattoo # is the one you will need.

(10) This is the Sire’s information – Below APA 1) Just copy the name and registration number that is listed under his name.

(11) This is the name of the Foreign Registry. In this case it is the “Magyar Ebtenyesztok Orszagos Egyesulete” or just “Hungarian Kennel Club”.

(12) This is the Dam’s information – Below ANYA 2) just copy the name and registry number that is listed under her name.

(14) This is the Breeder’s information. Just copy all information listed on the Export Pedigree. Any information is not listed such as first name, telephone number, postal code and email address just leave blank. The information is included in the following order: Last name (Horvath) First name (Ferenc) Zip code, City, Street address

(16) This is your name and contact information: the dog’s registered owner.

(17) This is the date you purchased the dog. It must be a date when you received your dog.

(18) If you and another person registered the dog together, you must put the second owner in this block. The second owner should also be listed on the Export Pedigree in #16. If not, leave this blank.

(19) This is where you and the second owner sign your names. If there is no second owner then leave the second owner signature blank.

(20) Leave this section blank. You can always transfer the dog once it is AKC registered.

(21) Check this box – this is stating that you are the person registering the dog and all information stated is true to the best of your knowledge.

(22) Sign this as the first owner – if there is a second owner they must sign as well – if not, leave the second owner blank.

(23) Leave this box blank.


AKC foreign dog registration form example (page 1)

AKC foreign dog registration form example (page 2)

Foreign export pedigree example (front side)

Foreign export pedigree example (back side)