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Browse 1 Border Terrier puppies for sale

Sorry, currently there are no available Border Terrier puppies for sale.

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Wörter unserer fröhlichen Hundebesitzern überall auf der Welt

Dear Lasheika, Thanks for the wishes! Kenny is very happy and healthy and we love him so much. Here’s some pictures that we took of him recently, Best Regards Dory

Hi Sandor,We've just spent the afternoon walking around the yard with 'Wiley' and he's pretty tired right now. He's a wonderful pup and it was certainly a pleasure dealing with you to get him.Please feel free to use me as a reference if required, I've nothing but good feelings about the whole experience. I've included a some pictures of the...

Hello from Mexico City! We are so happy to celebrate Cana’s birthday! She is the best dog in the world! We really love her as a daughter :) she has a dog sister called Moka (Labrador) and a human sister :) They all have a lovely time playing together! Cana is the happiest dog  and we are the happiest family with...

Hello!!!! Cana is the happiest dog in Mexico City :) She has a lovely family (mom, dad, sister Moka- a Labrador-) and 3 days ago, her human sister was born! She loves to run (like a rabbit), she is very funny and we love her so much! Happy birthday to our furry baby!

Dory Bitar

Piraeus, Greece

Brian MacDonald

Olympia, United States

Carmen Trueba

Mexico CIty, Mexico

Carmen Trueba

Mexico City, Mexico

Über Border Terrier Breed

Der Border Terrier ist ein gutmütiger, liebevoller, gehorsamen Hund zu züchten. Es ist eine kleine, mutige Terrier mit einem groben, drahtig doppeltes Haarkleid, dunkle lebhafte Augen, eine kurze Schnauze, schwarze Nase und kleinen Ohren, die nach vorne falten sich in ein “V”. Der Border Terrier ist ein muskulöser, gut ausgewogen, aufmerksam, aktiv und beweglicher Gebrauchshund.

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