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We understand just how important the safe shipping of your dog is. We are delivering to you a member of your family, and we will treat your dog like it was our own. While we know you would like your dog with you quickly, we have to comply with the regulations in the United Arab Emirates which are in place for the safety of your dog.

We have two decades of experience shipping to over 110 countries, worldwide and have many, many happy dog owners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the Emirates.

Please search our map to discover how to get the perfect puppy to your home…

  • When will my puppy be sent to me?

    Officially, your puppy must be 27 + weeks old before you can receive him or her. And import can only take place 15 + weeks after the rabies shot is given. Your puppy will get the rabies vaccination between 12 and 16 weeks of age.

  • Is an import permit required for my puppy to enter the UAE?

    Yes, your puppy will need an import permit. There are two ways you can get this.
    a) You can apply for the permit yourself at the ministry of environment and water;
    b) You may choose to work with one of our partners (see below) who will get the permit for you, as well as handle the whole process, and deliver your puppy to your home.

  • Will my puppy have to be quarantined?


  • How much will it cost to ship my puppy to the UAE?

    On average, the shipping cost will be between $550 and $950.

  • Do you have partners in the UAE to assist with the import?

    Yes. Our partner can arrange the import permit, customs clearance and delivery of your dream puppy swift and easily.

  • Can you deliver my puppy by road?

    Sadly No.

    However Euro Puppy transports your puppy to Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport or Sharjah International Airport. If you choose to hire one of our partners to manage the process for you, delivering your puppy to your home will be part of their service, for which you’ll pay the agent you’ve chosen.