Have you been searching for the perfect purebred puppy for your home, and you keep on coming across the term 'a dog's bloodline'? But not sure exactly what is meant by it all? Well you are not alone, it can be a confusing topic.

But the bloodline is actually a crucial factor in both breeding and choosing a puppy. So if you really are looking for the perfect puppy then it is time you found out all about it!


Family History

Essentially a dog’s bloodline is a tale of its lineage, its direct family members that have gone before it.

Just like you, all a dog’s ancestors have contributed to how they are made up, in fact even more so with a dog. Both a breeder and a prospective dog owner can learn a lot from a dog by it’s bloodline.

Responsibly bred dogs usually have a pedigree that goes back several generations and gives you information on the temperament, characteristics and show wins within the bloodline. This booklet really is a wealth of information that can help you insure your puppy is right for you.


Breed Matters

But bloodline is not just a factor in choosing a puppy, you have to consider the breeding too!

For responsible dog breeders, when they are searching for the perfect mate for their dog to breed with, bloodline is a key factor. This is because the bloodline can tell you so much about the history, health and temperament of the dog.

Looks aren’t everything, even the most beautiful dog might not be right for breeding, and might have a hidden issue that the bloodline can reveal.


Health above all Else!

dog health check

When a breeder comes to look for a sire to mate with the dam, they will closely scrutinize the bloodline for health issues. This is perhaps the most important thing a bloodline history can tell you. It can determine if there are any genetic defects, behavior potentials, health concerns or medical history that may be detrimental for any offspring. This way you can avoid serious medical problems being passed on to new generations.

This is the key factor why you should avoid a breeder that doesn’t know or will not tell you anything about the history of your dog. Anything can be hidden in that bloodline of the puppy.


It's all Personal

You might be surprised to learn that a huge amount of your puppy’s personality can be determined in the bloodline.

This is because personality is highly influenced by family genetics in dogs. If a lovable offspring is desired then having both a sire and dam with the same nature will be a huge factor in ensuring this happens.

Because of this an experienced breeder will be able to pair you with the best puppy to fit your lifestyle. A litter where the parents are say very active, would be a perfect fit for someone who always likes to be on the go.

Many of the breeders we work with, after the first couple of months with their puppies, even highlight the individual personality traits of each puppy to help you choose.


Champion Bloodline

dog pedigree

Looking into the bloodline can also help you see potential for the dog in terms of showing or competing. If the puppy you are interested in is said to come from Champion Bloodlines and you can see the many titles that have been won going back through the bloodline.

A pedigree will always show the previous 5 generations, and what show titles they have.  Then you get an idea of the show potential of the puppy. A pedigree is a bit of a technical thing, but if you see the letters CH, you know that dog is a Champion. HCh for example is a Champion of Hungarian. Show titles can include BOB (Best of Breed) and BOS (Best in Show).

But be careful, Champion bloodlines alone are not enough, check how recent those titles are, the more recent, the better the show potential of your dog. Having Champion winning parents is the best!

. . .

So when you decide it is time to look for your dream puppy, finding out everything about the bloodline should be a top priority. Remember looks do not tell you everything. Find out all you can about the history of the dog, and the special traits that have been bred into this line. This way you can help ensure you find the perfect, healthy puppy, with the right character and disposition for you!