There is a recurring stereotype that dogs and cats never get along. While some dogs will certainly display aggressive tendencies towards cats, it's also equally true that some dogs feel right at home with a cat in the household.

For homeowners who already have a cat and plan on bringing home a dog, the following guide introduces eight cat friendly dog breeds that naturally get along with felines.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever cat friendly

The Golden Retriever is a popular companion pet for someone who wants a large canine in the home that is also friendly and poses minimal risks to young children and smaller pets.

For this reason, the Golden Getriever often has little trouble integrating with a cat. This is especially the case for retrievers introduced into the household as a puppy.

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2. Maltese

Maltese cat friendly

The Maltese is a fairly docile companion and makes for a great dog that you can place and stroke on your lap.

With its mild mannerisms, this breed is also easy to train and often integrates with a cat with little effort.

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3. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin cat friendly

It’s also no surprise then that the Japanese chin will have little trouble in the company of a cat. Despite its name, the Japanese chin actually originated in China and was bred as a companion pet for aristocrats. As such, they are quite docile and easy to handle.

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4. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested cat friendly

The Chinese crested is a breed of hairless dog that is roughly the same size as a cat. Due to its playful personality, it makes for a cat friendly dog breed for feline owners. The Chinese crested, in fact, can be quite timid, and it might actually just be the cat that gives the dog a hard time.

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5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier Cat friendly

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named after King Charles II and was a pet favored by the noble elite in the Victorian era. Cavalier King Charles spaniels love to be near and cuddle with its owner and will also do the same with cats.

This often leads to many playful moments and friendly chases between the two.

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6. Boxer


Like the Golden Retriever, the Boxer is one of the few larger dog breeds that get along with cats. Despite its reputation as a fearsome guard dog, Boxers are also highly obedient and responsive to their owners.

This places them among the pet friendly dog breeds that are suitable to be around cats as well as children.

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7. Pomeranian


Pomeranians make it on the list of cat friendly dog breeds due to their easy-go-lucky nature and easy ability to train. A fully grown Pomeranian only averages about 7 pounds. This means that it poses little danger to a cat should the two not get along. Even if this is the case, Pomeranians are cuddly balls of fur that are just an absolute delight to have around.

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8. Beagle

Beagle cat friendly

Outdoors, though, a beagle may give chase if the cat runs. However, this is an issue that can easily be corrected with a little reinforcement training.Despite being originally bred as a hunter, the beagle often makes a great companion for a dog/cat pair. When indoors, a beagle and cat may snuggle and even share the same sleep and eating quarters without territorial issues.

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Dog Breeds not Suitable for Cat Owners

Just as some dogs bond well with cats, there are also some not so cat friendly dog breeds. In particular, larger dog breeds that are bred as hunters often make poor companions for cats and even pose a degree of risk. This is not to say that these dogs should never be in a household with a cat.

You can certainly train the dog to coexist with a feline; just keep in mind that the following breeds may instinctively see a cat as a target for attack rather than as a friend.

Dog Breeds not Suitable for Cat Owners

  • Bluetick coonhound
  • Manchester terrier
  • Whippet

Dog Friendly Cat Breeds

Remember that the successful pairing of a cat and dog is a two-way street. Just as there are cat friendly dog breeds, there are also cat breeds that are friendly towards dogs. Some cat breeds are just more inclined to play with a canine companion. For dog owners who are contemplating adding a feline to the household, the following are some good breeds to consider:

Dog Friendly Cat Breeds

  • American Shorthair
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Turkish Angora
  • Maine Coon
  • Tonkinese
  • Turkish Van
Keep in mind that you can’t simply pick the best breed of dog for cats and expect it to instantly hit it off with your cat. While instant bonding certainly occurs, there may also be some initial apprehension displayed by either the cat or dog, or both.This is why training and integration is a must. Choosing a dog among the pet friendly dog breeds simply eases the process, though it does not necessarily mean that there will be no work on your part.