Desperate for a dog, but your parents aren’t as keen? Having trouble convincing mom and dad that the time is right for a beautiful puppy? Is there a way you can turn your parents around to the joy of having a dog in your home? Yes there is! Now you can find out how to convince my parents to buy a puppy?

Luckily for you this is the ultimate guide to getting your parents to come around to your right way of thinking!

What your Parents might Complain About!

You know, your parents probably secretly want a dog, of course they do, dogs are amazing! What they might not like is all the jobs and responsibilities that come with having a dog. You have to prove to them that you have what it takes to look after your furry friend, so all their worries won’t be an issue! So when you go to them to ask for your dream dog you should have an answer ready for any of their objections!

It is a Big Commitment

Your parents will always be complaining about how busy they are! So they will moan about the extra responsibility. Convince them that you will take the lead and be responsible for the little furball. They will see you are excited and ready to do all the jobs needed to look after a dog, such as walking, feeding, playing, and even cleaning up after them.

A dog will keep you busy, but luckily there isn’t anything better to spend time with!


Your parents might not want to brush the dust off their wallet. Dogs are not the cheapest thing in the world! There is the cost of dog food, dog toys, bedding, and also vet bills to consider, they all add up! But you can offer to share the costs, possibly by getting a weekend job.


Maybe your parents might worry about what to do with Fido when you go off to the seaside. Luckily there are lots of options. You can tell them having a dog on holiday will be extra fun, (which is true) or maybe you can leave them with a family member. Even a boarding home where they will pamper your pooch would be a great choice while you are away.

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Training and Socializing

Your puppy will be beautiful, but it won’t be perfect when it arrives at your home, there is a lot you need to do to make sure your puppy is a happy one. You have to show your parents that you will be committed to training and socializing your puppy. You will need to give plenty of time to this and be determined, but training a cute little pup can be really fun too.

Fact File  - What is Socialization and Training?

Socializing your puppy is something you need to do right away. Your puppy is like you when you were a baby, it needs to experience lots of things now so it can be used to them later. You will need to slowly introduce your puppy to lots of new and interesting people, new surroundings, and carefully to new dogs and other animals, in those first weeks. This helps to make sure that in the future your puppy will not be scared with new people or in different places, and it won’t attack people or animals.

There is a lot of training involved with new dogs. You have to house train them to avoid nasty indoor messes. There is obedience training, to make sure they listen and respect what you say. There is also leash training to make your dog understand the rules of the leash and outdoors. Make sure you read up all about this too, so you are prepared for the responsibility. Training can take time, your puppy won’t learn overnight. You have to be a good teacher!

Do your (fun) homework

What breed do you want to get? There is a lot of choice out there, and some big differences. You will persuade your parents much faster if you go to them knowing all about the beautiful breed you want. Look up some pictures, and if you find one you love, read all about it. You have to make sure your choice fits well with your life.

How big is that dog going to be, is there enough room in your house?

How much walkies will it demand from you?

Does it like a big garden, or does it prefer chilling out in an apartment? How much food will it scoff down each day?

What is the personality of this breed?

And importantly, does this breed like to be around children?

puppy for children

There are literally hundreds of breeds out there, and more than a few will be great for you! Doing all this research will impress your parents, as it will show them that you have thought about this properly and taken the idea seriously.

Highlight the Benefits!

There are a lot of great reasons for getting a dog, so make sure your parents hear all of them!

Show them that having a dog will teach you responsibility, and will:

  • Be a great, loving relationship for you.
  • Teach you how to follow a routine.
  • Make you go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so you can walk them.
  • Teach you the value of being responsible for another living being which will be useful in the future.
  • Get you outside more and having lots of exercise.
  • Give you the chance to make new dog loving friends at the dog park!

Most of all! Having a dog is a wonderful, fun and fulfilling experience! Make sure your parents realise how enjoyable it will be to have a dog, and how much happiness it can bring to your home.

So if you are eager for a pup of your own, you know what to do. Find out Mom and Dad’s objections, and show that they are worried about nothing. Once they are smiling, hit them with all the positives for you, them and the puppy, that will come from having a dog. Then they should be really ready to get you the dog you deserve. So there you have it. As simple as that. Good luck! Don’t do all the research yourself! Give your parents something fun to read with our special eBook on a new dog in the family.