Plants provide beauty and fresh air to our indoor spaces. However, your puppy or dog may see houseplants as an extra snack or a toy. This can prove dangerous, since some plants are toxic or poisonous. Learn which plants are potentially toxic and keep them high out of reach. Some toxic houseplants include: • Amaryllis • Azalea • Caladium • Creeping Charlie • Dracaena • Dieffenbachia • Easter Lily • Golden Pothos • Mistletoe • Philodendron • Peace Lily • Rhododendron • Lilies • Foxglove • Daffodils • Rhubarb leaves • Yew • Castor bean • Sago palm • Kalanchoe • Tulip bulbs Now with the festive season upon us, please do keep Mistletoe in mind. Although you might want to get close to your loved one under it, don't let your furry friend take a bite! If you may not be all that knowledgable about your plants and their latin names, please consult someone who is.