Every dog is an individual and will have a unique personality, temperament, and general behavior. However, these traits are also greatly influenced by their genetics and breed type.

Some breeds are also more naturally energetic and require more exercise. Otherwise, all that pent up energy will be expended in an undesirable manner.

Consider this list of the five most energetic and playful dog breeds and refer to it especially if you are looking to add a canine to the family.

1. The Faithful and Protective Vizsla

Vizsla active

The Vizsla originated in Hungary and is known for its protective nature of its owner. It is also a gentle and mild-mannered breed that is highly trainable and wants nothing more than to please its human master. Being that it was orginally bred as a hunting and sporting dog, this is a canine with a lot of pep and energy to go around.

Exercise Considerations: The Vizsla needs human attention and lots of it, so turn the bonding experience into a daily exercise regimen. Puppies should get about two hours of physial activity per day. Refrain from rigorous activity as this may compromise their bone structure before it's fully developed.

Once an adult, vizslas' are natural endurance machines and should receive a minimum of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. Let your vizsla be your training buddy for outdoor activities like running, biking and uphill hiking.​

2. The Hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most playful dog breeds that come in a miniature size. Despite its small stature, it has a limitless supply of energy that doesn’t stop until bed time. This is a dog that constantly walks circles around you, jump on your lap, and even bring its leash to you to let you know it wants to go outside for a stroll.

Exercise Considerations: The Jack Russell Terrier is so hyperactive that even walking is often not enough to quell its insatiable need for movement and activity. For proper exercise, go out on a run or bike ride with it.

They also have a tendency to go after moving objects, so a game of fetch also makes for a good playtime activity. Terriers are also curious and love to explore, so it helps to have a big yard where it can roam freely and burn some of that energy.

3. The Graceful Dalmatian

Dalmatian active

There is a reason Dalmatians accompany firefighters. This dog is bred for endurance and has a bone structure that makes them excellent runners. Their near endless stamina also gives them tireless enthusiasm, which makes them one of the most lovable and playful dog breeds.

Dalmatians are also highly obedient and sociable; as such, they tend to get along well with children and other dogs and make excellent playmates.

Exercise Considerations: Dalmatian puppies under six months of age get sufficient exercise just by moving around the home and lawn. For puppies between 6 and 12 months, frequently walk your pup, but refrain from too much running and jumping as this may inhibit bone growth.

For adult Dalmatians, running is basically hardwired into their brain, so having them accompany you as a running buddy will give it sufficient exercise. For this reason, Dalmatians make excellent pets for avid sprinters and marathoners.

4. The Lovable and Loyal Collie

Collie active

The story of Lassie made the Collie a popular canine breed. This large canine is loved for its easy-going temperament and loyalty to their owners. In fact, they are known to follow their owners even when the latter is engaged in mundane and menial tasks.

Overall, the collie is exceptionally friendly and is among the most playful dog breeds even with strangers, children and other pets.

Exercise Considerations: Exercise considerations: Anything that gets your collie moving constitutes as good exercise. Hide and seek is especially a fun activity. Have someone hold the collie in place while you look for a hiding spot. When ready, have it look for you while you continuously call out its name. Be sure to call it out repeatedly or else it will get side tracked.

5. The Petite but Larger-than-Life Chihuahua

Chihuahua active

The Chihuahua has been made popular thanks to Paris Hilton and Taco Bell commercials. This tiny canine breed requires little space and is relatively easy to raise and maintain. However, there is a lot of energy packed into such a small body.

This makes Chihuahua the most playful dog breed among canines classified among the toy breed. It also goes without saying that Chihuahuas make excellent pets for apartment dwellers or homes that lack a spacious yard.

Exercise Considerations: A simple outdoor walk provides sufficient exercise for your Chihuahua. Aim for at least half a mile every day. If going for a longer walk, be sure to provide ample resting time and also be sure to keep it hydrated.

With their small size, Chihuahuas can also receive plenty of activity indoors. Simply tossing a small chew toy across the room and having it chase it makes for a fun activity and bonding experience.

It’s all about Exercise and Training

Ultimately, regardless of the breed, all dogs have an ability to develop a certain degree of friendliness and playfulness. It comes down to your willingness to make your dog a priority. This means that training, exercise and playtime has to be a part of a regular routine and not something that you do simply because you are supposed to.

There are so many playful dog breeds that make excellent companions for active owners who are willing to invest the time to provide their furry friend with ample stimulation. Your dog will return the favor in kind with affection, loyalty and obedience.

If you are considering bringing home a new puppy, then be sure to visit Euro Puppy for an expansive database of various breeds. While some breeds are naturally more playful and energetic than others, any dog can become a playful companion provided that you provide obedience training combined with affection and continuous attention.