Not sure if you are seeing a dog or a lion?

This breed may look formidable and fierce, and they can be, but they can also be a loyal and level headed breed too. But if you are considering being an owner of a Caucasian Mountain Dog then there are important facts that you must consider.

This is no ordinary dog breed and is not for most dog owners! Let’s have a closer look at this imposing breed.

Firstly - is the Caucasian Mountain Dog inherently dangerous?

No. This is a greatly misunderstood fact about this breed.

The Caucasian Mountain Dog, also called the Caucasian Shepherd, is not inherently dangerous to people. However they are a huge breed, with immense strength. So when they have a poor owner, who has badly trained them (or not at all), then there is an increased chance of aggressive behaviour, especially to strangers, which can potentially lead to injury. The breed has been used as a shepherd dog to guard the flock for hundreds of years.

It is very suited to this job, because its robust build and enormous power enables it to fight off wolves or even bears if necessary. But it would never attack the sheep it was supposed to guard. The same is true for a well-trained Caucasian Mountain Dog in the family. Though they would protect, they would never attack the people the dog regards as family.

Is the Caucasian Mountain Dog a family pet?

Caucasian Shepherd puppy

While the Caucasian Mountain dog can live in a human family, it is not your typical family pet.

The Caucasian Mountain Dog is an extremely large dog, and because of its inherent herding instinct, it may sometimes be seen to push children around, while it is actually only trying to keep them in the flock and protected. This may be misunderstood by children, and sudden, unexpected reactions may surprise the dog, and because of its size and strength may cause an accident.

Though a properly raised dog would do no intentional harm to the family, its sheer size means it is not recommended for families with younger children, unless it is rigorously supervised. If you do have older children and you get this breed, both the dog and the children must be trained to understand and respect each other.

Does the Caucasian Mountain Dog make a good protector?

Yes, the Caucasian Mountain Dog could be described as the ULTIMATE GUARD DOG. Its massive size alone should be enough to deter even the most foolhardy of trouble makers.

It requires little special training to become a good guard dog as its protective instincts will guide them. It can differentiate between the people who it regards as family and everyone else who may try to enter the property. Friends of the family need to be introduced one by one and need to be accompanied by a trusted family member until the dog has fully acquainted itself with the stranger.   

Is it easy to train a Caucasian Mountain Dog?

If started at a very young age, it is not too difficult, but you must be determined.

The later you start training, the more resistance you’ll experience, as is the case with all dogs. You must enforce firm training and clearly display the alpha role. This breed is too big and strong to allow it to think it is the top boss! But if trained successfully there is potential for them to become great show winning dogs. 

A key factor of this breed is that it needs lots of early socialization to become manageable as an adult dog. A Caucasian Mountain Dog that has never met other people and animals as a puppy and young dog, can be extremely difficult to keep under control as an adult.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Is it the right breed for me?

Caucasian Mountain Dog sire

You must not be a first time dog owner, and you must have seriously considered the implications. In fact, you should be a very experienced dog owner to be able to keep the alpha role for yourself.

It is also an advantage to have a strong physique if you want to handle this giant of a dog. You should also keep in mind that this dog requires lots of exercise. If it is not engaged in livestock work, it will need regular walking every day. Remember this dog can easily weigh 70kg or more and be up to 80cm high.

Are you strong enough to control one on the lead?

This is not a dog to let Granny take out for a stroll! Despite their thick heavy coat, they can manage reasonably well in hot conditions, provided they have plenty of shade and water. The breed is ideally suited to cold conditions, even reasonably extreme temperatures, and are suitable for living outdoors in the garden.

Only choose a Caucasian Mountain Dog if you can devote quite some time to this special breed.

If you live in an apartment, or even have a small garden, you are not going to be suited for owning a Caucasian Mountain Dog. It really needs a large yard where it is able to roam or run around, but which must be securely fenced to ensure it doesn’t get out.

You must train it rigorously and exercise it regularly.

All dog owning is a responsibility but do not forget this a truly massive dog, and you must prepared for a massive responsibility in the upbringing of this unforgettable breed. If you think you have what it takes to look after a Caucasian Mountain Dog, visit our Caucasian Mountain Dogs for sale.

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