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Browse 861 puppies for sale

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Wörter unserer fröhlichen Hundebesitzern überall auf der Welt

Hello Lasheika.. We are so happy having Brookline in our family , we feel that we have a new baby in the house 😂

Hi Eddie,Raisa is a great well tempered girl. Awesome puppy! She stands guard over the horses with our other CO, George. Regards Mark and Roberta.

Dear Lasheika Campbel, I was so lucky to Have Sheba, a beautiful Rottweiler, intelligent, loyal, strong yet soft. I am enjoying her training as she shows big potential. Thanks again

Eddie, The boys made it home fine & all is well. Forgot how tiring a puppy can be! He is fitting in perfectly! Thank you, Dawn Gonzalez Encinitas, California CA

Zareena Khalil

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Mark & Roberta

Riverside, United States

Abdelkarim Alrashid

Amman, Jordan

Teresa Dawn & Edward Gonzalez

Los Angeles, United States